GA - Personnel Policies Goals

GAA - Staff Time Schedules

GAA-R - FLSA and Staff Schedules/Calendar/Inclement Weather

GAB/IIBEA - Acceptable Computer System Use

GAB-R/IIBEA-R - Technology Use Guidelines

GAD- Access to Employee Social Media Accounts

GAE-JHG - Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting

GAH - School Employee Conflict of Interests

GB - Equal Employment Opportunity - Nondiscrimination

GB-F - Form GB Complaint of  Discrimination

GBA/JFHA - Prohibitions against Harassment and Retaliation

GBA-F/JFHA-F - Complaint of Harassment

GBB - Prohibition of Abusive Work Environments

GBC - Staff Compensation Procedures

GBD-BG - Board-Staff Communications

GBE - Staff Health

GBEC (also JFCH and KGC) - Tobacco Products and Nicotine Vapor Products

GBECA - Electronic Cigarettes

GBEF/JHCL - Lactation Support

GBF/JHCF/IGAL - Wellness

GBL - Personnel Records

GBM - Professional Staff Grievances

GBMA - Support Staff Grievances

GBN - Staff Hiring Procedures

GBO - Virginia Retirement System

GBOA - Falls Church City Retirement Plan

GC - Professional Staff

GCBA - Staff Salary Schedules

GCBC - Staff Benefits

GCBD - Staff Leaves and Absences

GCBDA-R - Sick Leave

GCBDB-R - Annual Leave

GCBDC-R - Post Family Medical Leave

GCBDD-R - Leave of Absence

GCBDE-R - Professional Leave

GCBDF-R - Court Related Leave

GCBDG-R - Administrative Leave

GCBDH-R - Donated Sick Leave for Severe Illness of an Employee's Family Member

GCBE - Family and Medical Leave

GCBEA - Leave Without Pay

GCBEB - Military Leave and Benefits

GCCB - Employment of Family Members

GCDA - Effect of Criminal Conviction or Founded Complaint of Child Abuse or Neglect

GCI - Professional Staff Assignments and Transfers

GCL - Staff Development

GCPB - Resignation of Staff Members (Former FCCPS Policies 8.62 and 8.72)

GCPF - Suspension of Staff Members (Former FCCPS Policy 8.34)

GCQA - Nonschool Employment By Staff Members

GCQAB - Tutoring for Pay

GCQAB-R - Tutoring for Pay

GD - Support Staff

GDB - Support Staff Employment Status

GDG - Support Staff Probationary Period

GDI - Support Staff Assignments and Transfers

GDQ - School Bus Drivers

GEA/JOH - Acceptance of Electronic Signatures and Records

GF-R - Workers' Compensation