JA - Public Health and Pandemic Policy

JB - Equal Educational Opportunities/Nondiscrimination

JB-F - Complaint of Discrimination

JBA - Section 504 Nondiscrimination Policy and Grievance Procedures

JBA-F - Complaint of Discrimination

JCJ - Classroom Assignments for Twins or Multiples

JEBA - Admittance of Children Younger than 5 Years Old to Kindergarten

JECZ-R - Non-Resident Employee Student Tuition Waiver
JECZ-R - Non-Resident Employee Student Tuition Waiver (En Español)

JFB - Student Involvement in Decision Making

JFC - Student Conduct

JFCD - Weapons In School

JFCH/GBEC/KGC - Tobacco Products and Nicotine Vapor Products

JFCL - Notification Regarding Prosecution of Juveniles as Adult

JFHA/GBA - Prohibition Against Harassment and Retaliation

JFHA-F GBA-F - Complaint of Harassment

JGA - Corporal Punishment

JGDA - Disciplining Students with Disabilities

JGDB - Disciplining Students with Disabilities for Infliction of Serious Bodily Injury

JHCE - Recommendation of Medication by School Personnel

JHCF/GBF/IGAL - Wellness

JHCL/GBEF - Lactation Support

JHG/GAE - Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting

JHH - Suicide Prevention

JHH - R - Suicide Prevention

JJAC - Student-Athlete Concussions During Extracurricular Activities

JM - Restraint and Seclusion of Students

JO - Student Records

JOA - Student Transcripts

JOD - Release of Student Data-Records (Policy and Form)

JOD - Liberación de Registros de Datos del Estudiante

JOD-F - Release of Student Data-Records (Form Only)

JOD-F - Liberación de Registros de Datos del Estudiante (Solo formulario)

JOH/GEA - Acceptance of Electronic Signatures and Records

JP - Student Publications

JRCA - School Service Providers' Use of Student Personal Information