Certificate from Niche.com indicating FCCPS as #1 school district in Virginia

Niche.com today released its 2022 Best Schools in America rankings and Niche Grades, and Falls Church City Public Schools achieved the rank of#1 in Best School District in Virginia and #1 Best School District in the Washington D.C. Area.

In addition, FCCPS ranks #2 Best Place to Teach in Virginia.

For its 2022 rankings, Niche evaluated 94,491 public schools, 2,489 private schools, and 11,846 school districts across the country.  Each school district received an overall letter grade and a letter grade in the following categories: academics; diversity; teachers; college prep; clubs & activities; health & safety; administration; sports; food; and resources & facilities.

The Falls Church City Public Schools received an A+ overall grade. Among the categories, the FCCPS received A+ grades from Niche in academics and college prep, A grades in teachers and sports, and A- grades in administration and health & safety. The school system received B grades in Diversity, Clubs & Activities, and Resources and Facilities. Falls Church received a C+ for food.