Brian Parke New Meridian High School Athletic Director

As you know, Meridian High School athletic director, Marvin Wooten, recently accepted a position to serve as the athletic director at South County High School. Our team and community are thankful to Marvin for his 14 months of service to the Meridian, and Falls Church community and his deep commitment to ensuring our student activities and athletics programs were up and running during the previous year’s challenges.  Our entire team and community wish Marvin well in his new position.  Marvin’s last official day with us is Wednesday, September 22nd.

Today, we are pleased to announce that Brian Parke will be our next Athletic Director. Brian is currently the athletic director at Forest Park High School in Woodbridge, VA, where he is responsible for programming over 1000 students. In addition, Brian provides leadership and support to over 40 student clubs and activities.  Before his work at Forest Park, Brian served as the Assistant Athletic Director at Stone Bridge HS in Loudoun County.  He has an administrative endorsement in leadership and supervision and curriculum and instruction. Previously, he served as a school test coordinator, physical education and health teacher, and head Basketball and Lacrosse coach at Stone Bridge and Heritage HS.  During Brian’s interview process, what came through was his student-first mentality, commitment to the program and community, and willingness to embrace the multifaceted aspects of this position.

Thank you to Adam Amerine, Tony Green, Hillary Trebels, Peter Laub, Vicki Galliher, Kish Rafique, Becky Creed, Adeena Williams, and Stacy Schonauer for serving on the interview panel.  We appreciate you making time during the busy opening of the school season to serve on this panel.  Dave and I are grateful for your commitment to finding the right leader for our athletic and student activity program. 

Brian is tentatively scheduled to start with us on Friday, October 1st, just in time for homecoming, however, he will be working with Marvin and Becki in the upcoming weeks to get up to speed on our programs.  We look forward to welcoming Brian to the Mustang community.  Below is Brian’s letter of introduction to the community:

Dear Meridian High School Staff and Families,
It is my pleasure and honor to become part of the Mustang family and the Falls Church community.  I couldn't be more excited to be your Athletic Director at Meridian High School. There has been a sense of enthusiasm, pride, and passion for the athletic programs throughout the interview process. With the help of our exceptional administration and athletic staff, I look to hit the ground running, making this transition as smooth as possible.

My entire educational career has been spent in the Northern Virginia area. I served the Woodbridge community at Forest Park High School for the last six years as the Director of Student Activities. 

I believe that athletics should be an important element in the development of our students. I look to provide a broad-based athletic program available to all students in an environment where student-athletes can reach their full potential through athletic competition, character development, community service, and teamwork. I will support each program equally and appropriately. Together we will teach our student-athletes the value of dedication, determination, discipline, teamwork, and being good sports in victory and defeat. We will foster an environment in which effort, growth, and improvement are valued, and individuals can continue to develop the necessary skills for their future.  We value good sportsmanship, fair play, and respect from our athletes, coaches, officials, opponents, and spectators. Coaches are role models and teachers who help build character, develop skills, and inspire individuals and teams to get the most out of their abilities. I also look to provide clearly defined expectations for coaches, students, and parents by outlining school policies and program goals. 

I would like to thank Superintendent Dr. Peter Noonan, Valerie Hardy, Head of Secondary Schools, David Serensits, Associate Principal Meridian High School, the Falls Church City Public Schools staff, and every one for providing me this opportunity to lead the athletic programs and student activities department.

Go Mustangs!
Brian Parke

Please join us in welcoming Brian to the Mustang family!

Valerie Hardy
Head of Secondary Schools

Dave Serensits
Associate Principal, Meridian High School