FCCPS New Professional Staff group photo

Falls Church City Public Schools is thrilled to welcome 33 new professional staff members to #TeamFCCPS this week. 

The annual new teacher and professional orientation began Monday. All staff return next week in preparation for the first day of school on August 30th. 

The 2021-22 Class of New Teachers and Professional Staff:

Jessie Thackrey Preschool 

Bethany Creech - Systemwide Behavior Specialist, Sarah Coughter - Systemwide School Social Worker

Mount Daniel Elementary

Bethany Creech - Systemwide Behavior Specialist, Sarah Coughter - Systemwide School Social Worker, Emily Konrad - MD  Kindergarten Teacher, Kim Yeager - Systemwide School Psychologist.  

Not pictured: Christina Sather - MD First Grade Teacher, Ilana Reyes - MD School Counselor.

Oak Street Elementary

Rachel Shaw - OS Fourth Grade Teacher,  Kim Yeager - Systemwide School Psychologist. , Stephanie Huff - OS Third Grade Teacher, Olivia Manns - OS Fifth Grade Teacher, Pary Aflaki - OS Fifth Grade Teacher. 

Not pictured: Elizabeth Crew - OS Fifth Grade Teacher

Mary Ellen Henderson Middle School

Zach Fisher - MEHMS/MHS School Counselor, Christie Kayal - MEHMS Counselor, Karina Avila - MEHMS ESOL Teacher, Megan Introna - MEHMS/MHS Math Teacher, Martha Grace Moore - MEHMS Theater Teacher

Meridian High School

(Front Row) Beau Fay - MHS Social Studies Teacher, Laura Handley - MHS Math Teacher, Isabelle Psaki - MHS Biology Teacher, Lynn Lunger - MHS Life Skills Teacher, Susan Bender - Systemwide Psychologist

(Back Row) Zach Fisher- MEHMS/MHS School Counselor, Kenny Long - MHS ASL teacher, Kelly Hill - MHS Social Studies Teacher, Laurie Barbagallo - MHS Hy-C Math Teacher, Lisa Eaton - MHS English Teacher

Not Pictured: Sasha Thomas - MHS Special Education Teacher, Shakita Fox-Billingslea - MHS Special Education Administrator

FCCPS Photos/Chrissy Henderson