Dr. Peter Noonan's Update

Dear FCCPS Families,

Spring Break has arrived! I wanted to send a quick note...mercifully, not too long today and say thank you for your continued support of FCCPS. On the Tuesday we return from Spring Break, all of our students will return to school for the first time since March 13, 2020, at the same time except those who wish to remain online. It has been nothing short of an international, national, and local nightmare, but the “new normal” is on the horizon. 

The pandemic is nothing any of us have ever planned for, and through it all, the vast majority of the Falls Church community has been thoughtful, caring, and kind as we have made our way through to the very best of our ability. As a parent, it has never been more evident to me the role the school plays in a community. I am sure you are feeling it too. This is a responsibility we, as FCCPS employees, have taken seriously since over a year ago. Through measured steps, we will be the first public school system in the greater DC region to reopen. 

Tuesday after spring break represents a celebration of what a community of people can do when they come together, share honestly and respectfully, and trust one another. This is the culture and ethos I have been trying to build in FCCPS since my arrival as Superintendent.

I hope that next week brings a sense of renewal, hope, and light for you as spring is here, and the outlook for the future appears to be very bright for our Little City.

Be safe, continue the mitigation strategies, remain vigilant, and let your kids play hard this break. You all deserve this time after the “Winter of Discontent,” and we “round the bend” towards the “Glorious Summer.” I couldn’t resist the Shakespeare reference from Richard III.

With sincerity and appreciation,