The Falls Church School Board unanimously approved the school division's Fiscal Year 2020-21 budget; a once-promising financial plan derailed by a global pandemic. 

The $52,191,532 revenue and spending plan represents a $2.4 million decrease over the School Board's pre-pandemic Advertised Budget. The adjustment eliminates salary improvements for staff but does not require a reduction in the workforce. 

"This budget, as you know, is not the budget we were hoping for, but it is the one we got," Superintendent Peter Noonan said in a message to staff shortly after the vote. "My commitment to you all as we move forward is to work diligently towards our main priorities which include staff compensation and developing ourselves in a way that will continue to enhance FCCPS and maintain our standing as one of the best IB school division in the US and world."

In addition to the Operating Budget, the School Board gave final approval to the division's Food Services budget of $1,103,600, and the Community Services Fund Budget of $2,419,126.

The City Council adopted its budget on May 26th, including a $42.7 million appropriation to the schools.

VIDEO: School Board Votes on FY 2020-21 Budget

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