Our three choir teachers, Ms. Sample, Ms. Carpel, and Ms. Reid are delighted to announce the newly approved FCCPS CHORAL BOOSTERS. Like other FCCPS Booster groups, Choral Boosters will support our teachers and singers in their many activities, including school performances, community outreach, clinics and competitions, fundraisers and more!

Beginning in January, Choral Boosters will offer an affordable after-school voice & piano lessons program open to any student whose family becomes Boosters. So, if you have a student who loves to sing, look for the Choral Boosters table at one of the upcoming concerts (12/17/19 at TJ and 1/9/20 at MEH) to get all of the information. Or, to find the membership form and lessons program application, check out the website or contact president Becca Tice at