Dr Julian Williams

Mr. Julian Williams, Vice President of Compliance, Diversity and Ethics at George Mason University, has released his report and recommendations on Falls Church City Public Schools Infrastructure Assessment of Diversity.

In the spring of 2018, FCCPS had been engaging in several activities related to issues of equity, diversity, and race. As a result of that work, the Division sought to do a deeper dive to see "How are we doing?" - a broader look than here and there professional development opportunities.

Falls Church City Public Schools reached out to Mr. Williams, who had done similar work for Arlington Public Schools, to have him come and look at our school system as well.

Mr. Williams presented his findings and recommendations to the Falls School School Board on November 19, 2019.

"This is a beginning," Superintendent Peter Noonan said of the report. "This is the beginning of a journey toward more equity, inclusion, and access across our division. We have set goals this year around, not only closing achievement gaps but providing a community and culture that's caring."

Mr. Williams recommendations include:

  • Increased communications and messaging
  • Curriculum review with use of "Diversity Framework"
  • Creation of a diversity recruitment strategy/plan
  • Increased professional development
  • Creation of Chief Diversity Officer position

REPORT: 2019 FCCPS Infrastructure Assessment of Diversity