The Falls Church School Board has unanimously approved its Advertised Budget for the 2025 fiscal year, building upon the comprehensive proposal initially presented by Superintendent Peter J. Noonan. This revised budget incorporates strategic adjustments to further align with the district's goals and the evolving needs of its expanding student body.

The budget underscores the district's commitment to sustaining educational excellence amidst growth. The original plan to add five new elementary teachers, two half-time paraprofessionals, and an additional teacher for the secondary campus remains intact, preparing FCCPS for an expected increase of 85 students in FY 2025 and 125 students in FY 2026.

In response to community feedback and a thorough review of district needs, the School Board has adjusted the proposed budget by reducing health expenditure allocations. It now includes the addition of an Elementary Reading Specialist, reinforcing FCCPS's dedication to literacy and foundational learning skills.

The budget also maintains its commitment to competitive compensation for FCCPS staff, with a proposed Step increase for all eligible employees and a 3.5% Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA), translating to an average pay increase of 6%. This move underscores the district's recognition of its faculty and staff as the cornerstone of its success.

Superintendent Noonan highlighted the budget's balanced focus on growth, staff compensation, and educational quality. "This budget reflects our unwavering commitment to our students and staff. By adjusting our health expenditures and enhancing our educational staff with an additional Elementary Reading Teacher, we are poised to continue providing exceptional educational experiences for all students," stated Dr. Noonan.

“We are immensely proud to approve this budget, which is a testament to our collective dedication to not only meeting but exceeding the educational needs of our growing community,” said School Board Chair Tate Gould. “This budget results from extensive collaboration among board members, district staff, and our community, ensuring that we continue to provide a high-quality education that prepares our students for the future.”

Despite the backdrop of potential public education spending adjustments at the state level, FCCPS's strategic financial planning, bolstered by a robust local economy and a revenue-sharing agreement with the City Council, ensures the district's capacity to meet its objectives.

With the School Board's action, the Advertised Budget now advances to the Falls Church City Manager for inclusion in the comprehensive General Government budget plan before the City For further details and to participate in the ongoing budget discussion, the community is encouraged to visit the FCCPS Budget website at