Dr. Peter Noonan presents his proposed budget to the Falls Church School Board from the podium in the City Council Chambers

In a significant move to address the educational needs of a growing student population, Falls Church City Public Schools Superintendent Peter J. Noonan presented a comprehensive and forward-looking budget for the 2025 fiscal year to the Falls Church School Board.

The proposed budget for FY 2025 strategically addresses the student population growth experienced and projected in FCCPS. Acknowledging the increase of 100 students in FY 2024 and preparing for the upcoming rise of 85 students in FY 2025, the budget emphasizes the need for additional staff to uphold the district's educational excellence.

Dr. Noonan emphasized the need for growth, stating, “With our student population projected to increase significantly, it's imperative that we expand our staff to maintain the excellence FCCPS is known for. This budget is a commitment to our students’ future.”

Key proposals include hiring five new elementary teachers, two new half-time paraprofessionals, and an additional secondary campus teacher. This plan sets the stage for managing further growth, anticipating an additional 125 students in FY 2026.

Acknowledging the rising costs due to inflation, the budget makes necessary adjustments for fixed costs such as fuel, electricity, and gas. A critical focus of the budget is to ensure competitive compensation for FCCPS's dedicated staff and faculty. Dr. Noonan proposes a Step increase for all eligible employees and a 3.5% Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA), amounting to an average pay increase of 6%.

“Our faculty and staff are the backbone of FCCPS,” Dr. Noonan said. “The proposed salary increases reflect our dedication to ensuring our team is not only compensated fairly but also feels valued for their indispensable contributions.”

Despite challenges posed by potential cuts in public education spending in the Governor’s Budget, Dr. Noonan assures that FCCPS can meet its obligations, thanks partly to the strong local economy and a successful revenue-sharing agreement with the City Council, now in its fifth year.

The proposed budget is a testament to FCCPS's commitment to providing top-notch education and maintaining its status as a desirable destination for qualified educators. The School Board will finalize adjustments and adopt the “School Board’s Advertised Budget” on February 21, which will then be presented to the City Council on April 1.

For more information and to stay engaged in the budget process, please visit the FCCPS Budget website at fccps.org/budget.