School Board and City Council Members prepare to cut a large blue ribbon in front of the new solar array atop Meridian High School's roof

In a significant move towards environmental sustainability, Meridian High School celebrated the launch of its new solar array on December 5th, 2023. The school's 440.90 KW solar installation, a collaborative effort between Falls Church City Public Schools, Madison Energy Infrastructure (MEI), SunTribe, and Carrick Contracting Corporation, marks a pivotal step in renewable energy adoption in the education sector.

The solar project, featuring 818 panels, is expected to produce 557.3 MWh of electricity annually, setting a new standard for public-private partnerships in clean energy innovation. This initiative is supported by both local and federal government programs, demonstrating a unified commitment to sustainable development.

At the ribbon-cutting event, Superintendent Dr. Peter Noonan spoke about the journey from concept to realization. He highlighted the project's impact on the school's commitment to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) goals. "This project is not just about clean energy; it's a learning platform for our students, a step towards our ESG commitments, and a testament to what we can achieve together," Dr. Noonan remarked.

Rich Allevi, VP of Development at SunTribe, provided insight into the technical aspects of the project. "Harnessing solar energy is more than just panels and wires; it's about building a sustainable future and educating the next generation on the importance of renewable resources," Allevi said.

Jerry Murphy, VP of Delivery at MEI, expressed his gratitude for the collaborative spirit that brought this project to fruition. "The success of this project lies in the hands of everyone involved, from our team at MEI to the enthusiastic students who will benefit from this solar array," Murphy stated.

The event also included a Solar Education Expo, led by SunTribe’s Curriculum and Instruction Lead, Meghan Milo. Students engaged in sessions covering the technical design of solar systems, solar circuit challenges, and career opportunities in sustainable energy. Student representative Gia Khan highlighted the importance of such educational initiatives. "Learning about solar energy firsthand inspires us to think about our role in a sustainable future," Khan commented.

Thanks to the leadership of Falls Church City Public Schools and the dedicated efforts of Madison Energy Infrastructure, SunTribe, and Carrick Contracting Corporation, the Meridian High School community is set to experience significant operational savings and a positive, lasting impact on student education and environmental awareness.

About the Collaborators:

  • Falls Church City Public Schools: Committed to providing high-quality education with a focus on sustainability and community engagement.

  • SunTribe: A forward-thinking organization dedicated to integrating renewable energy solutions in educational environments.

  • Madison Energy Infrastructure: A leader in the clean energy sector, MEI is committed to delivering sustainable energy solutions nationwide, boasting a portfolio of over half a gigawatt across more than 25 states.