Dear FCCPS Parents and Guardians,

We recognize the deep concern many of you may feel in light of the recent events in Israel and Gaza, especially for families in our District with direct ties to the region. Please be assured that our counselors and the Student Services team stand ready to assist students grappling with emotions stemming from the news or conversations they've encountered.

Should your child require added support during this period, please do not hesitate to contact their respective teachers/counselors. Additionally, our counseling team has curated resources to guide conversations with your children about challenging news events, which can be accessed on our division’s website.

Our schools are sanctuaries for every student and staff member, irrespective of their religious beliefs or familial origins. While it's essential for students to be informed and discuss current events, any form of harassment, hazing, or bullying contravenes our District Policy and will be dealt with firmly.

We hope for a swift and harmonious resolution to the ongoing situation. Your child's well-being and safety remain our utmost priority.


Peter Noonan, Superintendent
Amanda Davis, Jessie Thackrey Preschool
Tim Kasik, Mount Daniel Elementary
Karim Daugherty, Oak Street Elementary
Steve Pickering, Mary Ellen Henderson Middle School
Peter Laub, Meridian High School
David Jeck, Head of Secondary Schools

This report was updated on October 12, 2023.