AP School Honor Roll

The College Board proudly recognizes Meridian High School's outstanding achievement by placing it on the 2023 AP School Honor Roll with a Silver distinction. This accolade is awarded to schools that demonstrate excellence in their Advanced Placement (AP) programs, emphasizing broader access and consistent student outcomes.

Meridian's performance metrics are commendable. Among the senior class:

  • 70% undertook at least one AP exam during their high school journey, achieving a Gold standard.
  • 50% scored a three or above on at least one AP exam, meriting a Platinum standard.
  • 7% ambitiously tackled five or more AP exams, securing the Silver standard.

It's noteworthy that Meridian's accomplishments come within the context of being part of the FCCPS, a PreK-12 IB Continuum school district. Despite offering only five AP courses, Meridian High School's achievements are a testament to its commitment to academic excellence.

Chief Academic Officer William Bates highlighted that FCCPS clinched the Platinum level in the "College credit" category, representing students who scored 3 or higher on the AP Exam. He remarked, "The results from our students are consistently high, mirroring our impressive IB and SOL scores."

Superintendent Peter Noonan added, "Earning a spot on the AP Honor Roll is a significant milestone for Meridian High School. This honor speaks volumes about our students' dedication, our educators' passion, and the unwavering support from our community. We are filled with pride and are motivated to continue raising our academic bar."