Valerie Hardy and the FCCPS Secondary Campus  Logo

With mixed emotions, Falls Church City Public Schools (FCCPS) announces the departure of our esteemed Head of Secondary Schools, Ms. Valerie Hardy. Ms. Hardy has accepted a position as Management Support Director, Elementary Schools, for Prince William County Schools, concluding her impactful six-year tenure with FCCPS on September 29th.

In a heartfelt letter, Ms. Hardy expressed her sentiments to her parents and students, stating, "When I arrived in The Little City in 2017, I knew I was home... Six years later, I have developed a second home, filled with people I know will forever be lifelong friends." She described her departure as "incredibly bittersweet," emphasizing her gratitude and love for the FCCPS community and her commitment to the values and goals of our innovative learning community.

Laura Downs, School Board Chair, expressed the board's appreciation for Ms. Hardy’s contributions, saying, “The School Board is grateful for the stability Ms. Hardy provided during her time as principal of Henderson MS and later, the strong leadership she demonstrated as Head of the Secondary Schools. Ms. Hardy’s commitment to equity, support of staff to foster academic excellence, and empathetic approach when working with students will be greatly missed by our school community. We thank Ms. Hardy for her years of unwavering dedication and service.”

Falls Church City Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Peter Noonan also congratulated Ms. Hardy, stating, "Valerie has been a beacon of dedication, leadership, and passion in our community. Her unwavering commitment to educational excellence and equity has left an indelible mark on FCCPS. We congratulate her on this well-deserved new role and thank her profoundly for her transformative service and enduring impact on our schools and community."

Dr. Noonan said there will be an announcement regarding an Interim Head of Secondary Schools in the coming weeks “as we continue to uphold our commitment to providing high-quality education and maintaining the stability and leadership in our schools.”