More than 3000 cards with the names of 9/11 victims are included in the design of a flag on the Mustang Stadium grassy bank.

In a heartfelt tribute to the victims of the September 11 attacks, Meridian High School senior Lucas Hollinger unveiled a meticulously planned American flag-shaped display at the Mustang Stadium. This poignant memorial ensures that everyone who tragically died on that fateful day is remembered.

The project spanned several months and was a testament to Hollinger's dedication and skill. Lucas was at the forefront of every step, from intricate coding to generating individual name cards to the detailed printing, cutting, and mounting processes. His mathematical prowess was evident as he calculated each name's precise size and distance to fit perfectly within the flag's design.

Lucas wasn't alone when the day arrived to bring his vision to life. Members of the local Boy Scout troop took on the task of erecting the field of blue. Additionally, a few athletes from the Meridian XC team and the Steyn family collaborated to assemble the flag's stripes.

The community's collective effort stands as a powerful reminder of the unity and resilience of the American spirit. The display echoes the sentiment, "May we never forget."

How the Display Was Made