2023-24 FCCPS Onboarding - August 7-9, 2023

This week, Falls Church City Public Schools warmly opened its doors to an enthusiastic group of new teachers and staff members. They engaged in an extensive Onboarding and Orientation program for three enriching days, a critical initiative to ensure seamless integration into the school community.

Recognizing the importance of fostering a cohesive and effective educational environment, the onboarding process was thoughtfully structured, filled with orientation information, team-building exercises, and personal introductions to critical faculty and administrators. Participants were able to acquaint themselves with the schools' academic philosophies, technology platforms, curriculum guidelines, and specific strategies that align with the district's vision for educational excellence.

The administration, teachers, and support staff look forward to seeing the contributions and fresh perspectives these talented individuals will bring to the classroom. Their arrival marks a new chapter in their professional journey and an exciting time for the entire Falls Church educational community as they continue to strive towards providing an enriching, student-centered learning experience.

New Teachers and Staff by Site

Jessie Thackrey Preschool

(l to r) Tony Sterling - Permanent Substitute, Randi Rucki - Special Education Paraprofessional, Jeannie Terrill - PreSchool Teacher,  Liz DeCelle - Preschool Teacher

Mount Daniel Elementary

(l to r) Alenta Zemene - Special Education Paraprofessional, Claudia Smith - Special Education Teacher, Colleen McGinn - Second Grade Teacher, Amanda Wittman - Speech Specialist, Sam Fiddy - Paraprofessional

Oak Street Elementary

(front l to r) Elisabeth Yack - Psychologist, Jacqueline Matthews - Third Grade Teacher, Rachel Skomra - Fifth Grade Teacher,  Jack Bandy - Special Education Teacher, Riley Baisch - Music Paraprofessional

(back l to r) Jennifer McCormack - Special Education Administrator, Megan O'Heran - Behavior Specialist, Yolanda Adams - Counselor, Shay Roedemeier - Third Grade Teacher, Jennifer Gault - Fourth Grade Teacher

Mary Ellen Henderson Middle School

(l to r) Craig Herring - Math Teacher, Amy Cragun Hall - Individuals & Societies Teacher, Riley Baisch - Music Paraprofessional

Meridian High School

(front l to r) Geary Morris - English Teacher, Kye Clark - French Teacher, Nikki Roe - Individuals & Societies Teacher, Cameron McCary - Special Education Teacher, Riley Baisch - Music Paraprofessional.

(back l to r) Kathryn Leimenstoll - English Teacher, Fatema Dadgar - Administrative Assistant, Logan Russo - Librarian, David Soles - Science Teacher, Tom Lundy - Special Education Paraprofessional.