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ViSSTA Testing Program

ViSSTA Testing Via a Partnership Between FCCPS and the Virginia Department of Health

FCCPS offers two types of free COVID testing to any student or staff member who would like testing.  All testing is done voluntarily. Anyone who does not wish to participate will not be forced to participate. If a student is fearful, anxious, or uncomfortable and cannot participate in the process, we will let the parent/guardian know.


Any student or staff member experiencing symptoms of COVID can contact their school’s health clinic to receive a free BiNaxNow rapid test kit to administer. These are nasal swab and proctored tests that provide results in 15-minutes. 


Every student and staff member has the opportunity to get tested every week.  Currently, we offer testing to the first half of the alphabet on Tuesday and the second half of the alphabet on Thursday. This program is only available to those who are registered. If your student is absent due to illness and they are signed up via the FCCPS ViSSTA Testing Program Registration, we can test your student outside of the front doors at the school during these testing times and locations.  Please email Jenn Beck ( to make arrangements. Test results are typically returned in 48 hours.

FCCPS School Testing Schedule:

JTP:  8:15-8:45
MDES:  9:00-10:15
MEHMS/MHS:  11:30-1:30
OSES:  2:00-3:00


  • Anyone who has recovered from COVID can test positive for covid for up to 90 days. So we advise them not to participate in testing until 90-days have passed.

  • Anyone who believes they have been a close contact/exposed to COVID can participate in testing. Those who are exposed are welcome to join ViSSTA for PCR screening testing. Individuals who are exposed and not up to date on Covid-19 vaccines may also participate in our “test to stay” program. Test to Stay allows those who are not up to date on Covid-19 vaccines and exposed to remain in school with daily repeat testing. Please contact our nurse Jenn Beck ( for support with “test to stay.”

  • If you have any questions about the registration process, please contact John Brett ( 

  • If you have any administrative or organizational questions about any of FCCPS’ testing options, please contact Rebecca Sharp (