Oak Street Elementary Tiger Trail

Be Safe. Share the Road.

South Oak Street Closure Begins Monday, Feb. 13, 2023

Oak Street Bridge Closure map

Beginning Monday morning, Feb. 13, weather permitting, S. Oak Street between Timber Lane and S. Lee Street will be closed to through traffic to replace the bridge over Tripps Run.
Vehicles needing to reach properties on S. Oak Street between Timber Lane and S. Lee Street will have access; however, they will not be able to go beyond the point of bridge replacement in either direction.

Pedestrian access along S. Oak Street between Timber Lane and S. Lee Street will be safely maintained at all times.
The existing S. Oak Street bridge was built in 1953 and has a 10-ton weight limit. The new bridge, which will not have posted weight restrictions, will feature a concrete foundation, walls and deck. The bridge replacement project is scheduled for completion in late 2023.
Drivers, bicyclists and pedestrians are reminded to use caution when traveling in active work zones. Be alert to new traffic patterns and limit distractions.  

For more information, visit the VDOT website.

As students travel to and from school, pedestrians, bikers, buses, kiss & ride cars, employee cars, and commuter traffic are sharing the same sidewalks and roadways. Everyone needs to be alert and aware. It is our communal responsibility to keep all people safe

Parents, please make sure your Tiger knows and follows bike, scooter, and pedestrian safety laws.

SAFETY NOTICE When dropping students off and picking them up, please do not make u-turns on any street in the neighborhood. The neighborhoods are crowded, and it makes it more dangerous for pedestrians, bikers, drivers and walkers.

There are several exits from the school. Every family should make a dismissal plan so that parents and students know exactly where they will meet after school.

The Oak Street Elementary Tiger Trail

The Tiger Trail include routes through parks and along well-traveled roads within the walk zone.

  • Ten recommended routes, encompassing all directions.

  • One parent drop-off and pick-up zone outside the school.

  • One bus area that will be closed to all other traffic during arrival and dismissal times.

  • Police Safety Aides located at key intersections to help students cross the street. 

Everyone, no matter their transportation mode, has the responsibility to be alert and follow traffic safety laws.

Pedestrians should always use sidewalks and crosswalks. Tiger Trail routes are connected by sidewalks and crosswalks. Pedestrians should be alert at all times, as they need to be aware of what is happening around them. Look both ways before crossing the street!

Bike and scooter riders need to be alert to both cars and pedestrians. When bike and scooter riders are in the crowded area closest to the school, they should walk the vehicle. Look both ways before crossing the street! There are bike racks at the Oak Street entrance and the Seaton Lane entrance.

Tiger Trail Sign

Buses Oak Street will be closed to all traffic except buses between Seaton Lane and Timber Lane during pick-up and drop-off. No cars will be permitted to enter the area, although pedestrians will be able to use the sidewalk.

Car Traffic There is one Kiss & Ride zone for all grades. It is the loop into the parking lot on Seaton Lane side of the school.

All students should be ready to exit the car upon arrival in the drop-off location. Please be considerate of neighborhood traffic flow and other drivers in line.

Cars must stop for pedestrians in crosswalks and for buses that have their red lights blinking and stop-arm extended.

To avoid traffic congestion on Seaton Lane:  Cars queuing at the Kiss & Ride should pull up to the entrance and form a single line, so that an exit lane is available. If the line extends onto the street, drivers are asked to pull to the side so that through traffic can pass safely.

Cars exiting the Seaton Lane parking lot, should turn right onto Seaton Lane to exit the neighborhood.