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The Basics of FCCPS Assessments

FCCPS offers assessments to students in all grades throughout the school year. Parents and guardians have many questions about the assessments. Which tests are required? What are they for? What do the scores mean? How can parents use the scores? This page provides some basic information to help parents and guardians learn more about student assessments.

Why do students need to take assessments? There are two reasons for assessments: (1) To help teachers learn about the instructional needs of all students and (2) local, State, and Federal requirements. A common misperception is that assessments are only used as a way for teachers to grade students. Educators look at assessments in a different light: to collect data on students' educational progress and help teachers refine their lessons. Assessments help teachers guide instruction for the entire class and individualize instruction for students who may need additional support or additional challenges. In addition, the State and Federal Departments of Education require specific mandatory assessments to measure student learning.

To meet State and Federal requirements, FCCPS delivers the following assessments:

Click on an assessment by grade to learn about required assessments students will take at each grade level and:

  • the purpose of the assessment

  • what to expect during the tests, including practice links

  • what the scores mean 

  • resources to use based on the results

Informational pages on each Assessment are being prepared. Check back soon for more details.