Focus Area: Wellness, Equity & Belonging

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FCCPS will ensure that the shared school community nurtures a safe and trusting environment where every person feels supported and belongs. FCCPS will prioritize access to wellness resources, mental health initiatives, and equitable practices.

KEY ACTION: Foster a culture of belonging and empowerment for staff and students to strengthen our caring community.

2022 Research
2023-24 Development
2025 Implementation
2026 Review & Refinement

Success Looks Like This

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By June 2023 FCCPS will implement a tool that will measure employee feelings of wellness and belonging.


  • "FCCPS Takes Ten" survey piloted in November 2022. Staff are asked to respond to 10 short questions related to their overall wellness and resilience.

  • Results are shared with employees.

Evidence & Performance Metrics

FCCPS Take Ten Survey

"FCCPS Takes Ten" Survey has been sent out to employees on a bi-monthly basis to get a snapshot of "How Are You Doing?"

  • FCCPS is exploring further refinement to make it a more useful tool to sample employees feelings of wellness and belonging in each building and department.