Support Employees Advisory Committee (SEAC)


This committee shall serve as an advisory committee to the Superintendent and School Board on personnel policies, salaries, calendar, benefits, and related items which affect support employees.

Authority - School Board Regulation 8.42.2

Term: July 1 - June 30 for 2 years - Alternating terms
Composition: 13 members, 2 George Mason, 2 Mary Ellen Henderson, 2 Thomas Jefferson, 2 Mount Daniel, 1 Food Services, 1 Transportation, 1 Community Education, 1 Central Office, 1 Maintenance / Custodial
Meetings: 4th Monday (except December, no meeting) - 4:00 p.m. - Location rotates among all schools


Justin Kirby - Transportation - Chairman

Jeremy Blaine, MD
Kathy Muskett, MD
Angela Wicklund, MD
Open - Daycare
Open - Custodial/Maintenance
Debra Newman, TJ
Beth Stoffel, TJ
Open, CO
Open, MEH
Open, GM
Vacancy - Food Services

Chief Academic Officer: William Bates
Interim Asst. Supt. Finance & Operations: Deirdra McLaughlin
School Board Liaison: Susan Dimock