This committee shall serve as an advisory committee to the Superintendent and School Board on personnel policies, salaries, calendar, benefits, and related items which affect support employees.

Authority - School Board Regulation 8.42.2

Term: July 1 - June 30 for 2 years - Alternating terms
Composition: 13 members, 2 George Mason, 2 Mary Ellen Henderson, 2 Thomas Jefferson, 2 Mount Daniel, 1 Food Services, 1 Transportation, 1 Community Education, 1 Central Office, 1 Maintenance / Custodial
Meetings: 4th Monday (except December, no meeting) - 4:00 p.m. - Location rotates among all schools


Justin Kirby - Transportation - Chairman

Jeremy Blaine, MD
Kathy Muskett, MD
Angela Wicklund, MD
Open - Daycare
Open - Custodial/Maintenance
Debra Newman, TJ
Beth Stoffel, TJ
Open, CO
Open, MEH
Open, GM
Vacancy - Food Services

Chief Academic Officer: William Bates
Interim Asst. Supt. Finance & Operations: Deirdra McLaughlin
School Board Liaison: Susan Dimock