The school social worker's primary function is to support the educational mission of Falls Church City Public Schools by assessing, addressing and working towards reducing barriers to learning and result in improvements in student learning, social/emotional functioning and behavior. The role of the school social worker is to use a strengths-based approach to provide services that strengthen school, home and community partnerships to aid the student's overall academic, social, emotional and behavioral development. The school social worker helps to identify the impact of family, community and cultural factors on student academic performance.

Specific Services Which School Social Workers Provide:

Individual, group and family counseling
Short-term counseling in general education settings for adjustment issues, such as:

  • Underachievement

  • Social Skills

  • Grief and loss

  • Divorce, separation and family issues

  • Emotional issues

  • At-risk behaviors

  • Anxiety/School Avoidance

  • Parenting issues

  • Foster Care & Court Support

Ongoing counseling for school-based special education students and 504 eligible students for chronic issues, such as:

  • Emotional disorders (depressive disorder, anxiety disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, bipolar disorder, and others)

  • Limited social skills (high functioning autism, non-verbal learning disability, and others)

  • Attentional issues

  • Student support groups

Court-ordered counseling for students involved with the Juvenile Justice system

Special Education evaluations

  • Participate in school-based team meetings

  • Conduct home visits to perform social history evaluations

  • Conduct home visits to evaluate social/adaptive behaviors (Vineland)

  • Participate in the pre-triennial meetings

  • Serve on the eligibility committees

  • Provide written counseling reports for eligibility meetings

Assessment, referral and case management

School social workers provide referrals to parents for community services (and emergency services) in the areas of:

  • Basic needs

  • Housing

  • Financial benefits

  • Health care

  • Daycare

  • Mental health services

  • Home visits

  • Re-enrollment services for students returning to the community after incarceration

  • Child abuse and neglect referral and monitoring

  • Comprehensive Services Act referrals and case management- School social workers are the school contact/representative for parents interested in accessing services through CSA.

  • Family Assistance Fund-? The school social workers established, manage and take referrals for the use of this fund to help families in need.

  • Holiday Assistance

Consultation to administrators, teachers, and parents

  • Behavior issues

  • Parenting education

  • Social issues

  • Resources for families of children with disabilities

  • Resources for families of children with mental health and substance abuse problems

  • Suspicions of child abuse and neglect

  • Attendance issues

  • Student classroom observations

Crisis Intervention?Services

  • Suicide prevention and assessment services

  • Crisis intervention counseling

  • Threat assessment and response (as part of the school crisis team)

Family, school and community collaboration and advocacy

  • Foster Care Support and Coordination as needed

  • Comprehensive Services Act referral and case management

  • Serve on Alliance for Youth, Student Health Advisory Board, Community Mentoring Committee, Family Assessment, and Planning Team, Gateway, School-based teams, Comprehensive Services Act teams

  • Collaborate with Juvenile Court Interdisciplinary Team (CHINS, attendance/truancy)

  • Reintegration services for students following hospitalizations for chronic illness, mental health or return from residential care

  • Homeless Liaison representative and case management

  • Coordinate with outside therapists, psychiatrists, and physicians to assist staff and parents

Our Team:

  • Ghada Khalaf, MSW, LCSW

  • Robin Borum, MSW, LCSW

  • Susan Sinclair, MSW, LCSW

  • Colleen Hoover, MSW

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