Focus Area: Resource Management & Continuous Improvement

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FCCPS will create an ongoing practice of evaluating and improving instructional and operational systems and processes to ensure improved services to students, staff, and the community. Resource management will be documented; accessible; aligned with our priorities, values, and goals; and incorporate ongoing feedback from multiple voices and perspectives.

KEY ACTION: Create systems and methods for ongoing stakeholder feedback to improve resource management, allocation, and utilization.

2022 Research
2023 Development
2024 Implementation
2025 Review & Refinement
2026 Embedded

Success Looks Like This

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By June 2023 resources for employees will be added to the Employee Intranet, increasing the amount of information available by 10% over the previous year.


  • Benefits section updated.

  • Professional development pages updated.

  • Compensation study information available.

  • Special Education and Student Services information updated.

  • Collective Bargaining minutes provided.

Evidence & Performance Measurements

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By June 2023 Human Resources department will transfer additional resources to Frontline, and provide information to staff on how to access them.


  • Intent to return forms sent to employees via Frontline.

  • Employee contracts provided via Frontline.

  • All new employee onboarding document submitted via Frontline.

  • Emergency contacts moved to Frontline.