FCCPS Reopening Metrics

Health Metrics

The Health Metrics are averaging in five (5) categories across Fairfax, Alexandria, Arlington, and Loudoun Health Districts, given the FCCPS workforce's overlapping.

These five metrics will be our primary indicators informing us regarding the move to a Hybrid model after the 1st Quarter for the entire division. We will begin sooner with smaller cohorts of special needs students in vulnerable populations.

% Positivity # New Cases / 100K Infection Rate Burden Burden Trend
The percentage of Positive Coronavirus tests averaged among the four health districts. The number of new Coronavirus cases per 100,000 people. If one person becomes infected the number of others they are likely to infect. The impact of Coronavirus on the local population and health institutions. The Burden averaged over the last 14 days.

NOTE: Until there is a vaccine or treatment, there is no 100% risk-free environment;
therefore there is no “GREEN” on our data analysis charts.

Operational Metrics

Facilities / For Supporting Physical Distancing and Cleaning

FCCPS facilities will be set up to promote social distancing and will be cleaned, sanitized, and ready for students to begin in-person learning

  • Set-Up
  • Cleaning

Procedures/ For Student and Staff Health

FCCPS procedures to promote student and staff health and wellness will be fully implemented and practiced by students and staff

  • Student Health
  • School Health Clinic
  • Daily Health Screenings and Face Coverings
  • Transportation
  • Visitors

Supplies and Equipment / For Protecting Each Other

FCCPS will have a 60-day supply of cleaning supplies and personal protective equipment for staff and students as needed

  • Face Coverings
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Hand Washing and Sanitizing

Instructional Metrics

Master Schedule

Each school will develop two master schedules, one for online and one for hybrid learning

  • Instructional staff needed to implement both schedules
  • Parent Survey to determine:
    • Which students will move to hybrid
    • Which students will remain fully online
    • Homeschool students returning back to FCCPS
  • Course offerings within both schedules
  • Shifting teacher assignments as necessary
  • Electives/IB courses

Instructional Learning Plan

FCCPS will develop an instructional plan that supports students who select 100% virtual learning or the hybrid learning option

  • Learning Recovery Plan to ensure content coverage
  • Schoology will be used as our LMS for both options
  • Encore resources
  • Attendance Plan
  • Special Education and Related Services plan
  • ESOL support services plan
  • IB/VSOL aligned curriculum
  • Gifted Education services plan
  • Preschool plan