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Registration of Returning FCCPS Students for School Year 2023-24

For all students who will be attending  FCCPS in 2023-24, parents must verify family information through the “registration” process. 

Top 10 reasons that FCCPS needs parents to “register” as soon as possible.

1.    Contact Information: It is crucial that each student and family has updated contact information. 

2.    Number of Students: FCCPS needs to know how many kids are coming back, so that the right number of employees are in the right places.

3.    Class Assignments and Course Registration:  It is better to make class assignments when all students are registered. 

4.    Transportation Routes:  Bus routes depend on where students live, so the sooner this information is in the database, the better the bus routes will be.

5.    Technology Setup: Technology staff need to set up the right number of iPads and laptops for all students.

6.    Supplies: It is important to have just the right number of chairs, books, technology subscriptions, etc. 

7.    Sports: Students in grades 8-12 who play a school-based VHSL sport, at either Meridian High School or Mary Ellen Henderson Middle School, are required to be fully registered before they start participating in practice. 

8.    Verifying Medical Information: Having the most current health information for students is essential to student safety. 

9.    Verify Falls Church Residency: FCCPS needs time to ensure that everyone attending our schools lives within City boundaries.

10.   Online Permission Setup: Students need to be set up for success in PowerSchool, Schoology, and other technology platforms before school starts.


  • Plan to spend approximately 30 minutes for the first child, and 20 minutes for each additional child.

  • Collect needed materials and information prior to logging in. 

  • Read each question carefully and fill out information completely. 

  • Some information will be pre-populated, however, it still needs to be verified by the parent.

  • If you have two or more students, complete each registration individually. Much of the information will populate for the rest of the family.

  • Reach out to FCCPS with any questions at

Let’s work together to register 90% of returning students by June 16!

If you have general registration questions, please contact

If you have specific school-related questions, please contact the registrar at your child's school below:

Jessie Thackrey Preschool — Pre-Kindergarten
Registrar: Brannon McLaughlin

Mount Daniel Elementary — Kindergarten - 2nd Grade
Registrar: Nora Pishner

Oak Street Elementary — 3rd - 5th Grade
Registrar: Sue Armstrong

Mary Ellen Henderson Middle School — 6th - 8th Grade
Registrar: Lakisha Talbert

Meridian High School — 9th - 12th Grade
Registrar: Lynette Kemp