Purpose This committee shall serve as an advisory committee to the Superintendent and School Board on personnel policies, salaries, calendar, benefits, and related items which affect teachers and other professional employees.

Authority - School Board Regulation 8.42.1

Term: July 1 - June 30 for 2 years - Alternating terms
Composition: 8 members - 3 Professional Employees, 1 at-large, 1 K-7 level, 1 8-12 level, 4 professional employees (one from each school), 1 professional employee
Meetings: 3rd Tuesday, Mary Ellen Henderson Room 214


Dave Sikora (MD) - Chair
Ferrell Kelly (System at Large) - Vice-Chair

Elizabeth Jenkins - (MEH)
Lisa Mueller - (TJ)
Karin Tooze - (GM)
Laura McNamara - Member at Large (Less than 5 years)
Joanne Woods - Member at Large (K-5)
Mary Manzione - (JTP)
Vacant - Member at Large (6-12)

Superintendent: Dr. Peter Noonan
Administrative Liaison: William Bates

School Board Liaison: Vacant