• Lunch - $3.90 at Meridian High School and Mary Ellen Henderson Middle

  • Lunch - $3.00 at Mount Daniel and Oak Street

  • Milk - $0.65 at All Schools

  • Breakfast - $2.50 at All Schools

  • Adults: $4.25 for Lunch, $3.25 - Breakfast


All parents must set up new accounts for their students at to view balances online.

Separate free and reduced applications must be filled out for students at Meridian High School and Mary Ellen Henderson Middle School. This will delay benefits if not done.


In the Food Service Department, we have updated the computerized system that allows us to manage our business faster and better. The system is called Café Enterprise. A great feature of this system is that each student has a “debit account” (not a credit account) with us. This means that money is deposited into the account, and then the student can purchase lunch using it. Each student has an account number which is the same as their student ID number. At lunchtime, the student enters their number on the pin pad and the computer accesses the student’s account. If there is money in the account, the purchase is deducted. If the student is eligible for a free meal, the computer acts as if the student has meal credits in the account. If there is no money in the account, and the student is a paying student, the computer will ask for the price of the meal.


  • By creating an account online at and pay by credit/debit card. Alternatively, send checks to the Food Service Office or to the School your child attends with the child’s name and student ID number made payable to Falls Church City Schools Food Service.

  • By establishing your My School Bucks account or sending your check in advance of school opening so we can get it deposited in your child’s account. If sending a check, please send one check per school per student.

  • The following credit cards are accepted with My School Bucks: Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover Card.

Parents can view their child’s account balance and pay for multiple children at different schools by creating an online account at www.myschoolbucks.comTo view your student’s account you do not need to use a credit card. A minimum of 15 meals is required to be purchased and there is a small fee to use this service.

My School Bucks account balance refunds can be requested here. To transfer account balances to other students within FCCPS, click here. We are unable to transfer balances to other school districts. A refund request should be submitted. Alternatively, you can request your students balance be donated to the Falls Church Education Foudation by email the Food Services Director, Mr. Richard Kane at

Please remember, any funds sent to the Food Service Department must include student’s name and student ID to ensure funds are applied to the correct student.

The Food Services Department will be offering three lunch entrees with a choice of vegetables and fruit each school day. Also available will be pre-packaged cold sandwiches. Applications for free or reduced-price lunches are included in this packet and will also be posted on the website. Please return your free/reduced-price lunch application or send payment directly to food services in the enclosed business envelope addressed to FCCPS c/o Meridian High School. We look forward to serving your students with a nutritious lunch this school year. If you have additional questions, please call the food service office at 703-248- 5534 or attend one of the PTSA meetings for a Q& A session at the beginning of the school year to meet the Foodservice Director Richard Kane.

Sincerely, Richard Kane, Food Service Director

NOTICE: The City of Falls Church accepts checks as a form of payment. However, should your check be returned to us for any reason it is our policy to electronically debit your account for the amount of the check plus a processing fee of $50.00