In response to the extended closure due to the COVID-19 public crisis, FCCPS is proud to provide ongoing meal support to our students and their families. Each week ANY family in need, not just those who participate in the Free and Reduced Meals Program, can order (7) Breakfasts and (7) lunches for each child in their family. 

The meals will be boxed and ready to pick up at their preferred location, either Meridian High School or Oak Street Elementary School. Families will need to order their meals by each Thursday at 2:00 pm and they can be picked up each Friday morning between 9 am and 12 noon, observing safe social/physical distancing. The program began April 3rd and run through the length of the school closure.

Please follow the steps below for each week to order food once per week on or before Thursday at 2:00 pm.

  1. Log into Nutrislice via your phone or computer.

  2. Click on View Menu.

  3. To translate the site to Spanish, click the three bars on the top right corner. Then click select a language and pick Spanish. Click on translate at the bottom.

  4. The site will then direct you to select a food pick-up location. Your options are Meridian High School or Oak Street Elementary. Your selection is not dependent on the school your child attends. You can attend the site that is easiest for your family to reach.

  5. After selecting the site, click Order Online. From the menu, pick one breakfast meal and one lunch meal and add them to your cart.

  6. Then select the cart (which looks like a purse in the top right corner of the screen). From there, select Check-Out.

  7. At this point, you will need to create an account. Create your user name and password. Then select Check Out.

  8. A box will pop up, and you can edit your selections. Increase the number to reflect the number of children in your home. You should have one breakfast item and one lunch item for each child in your home. For example, if you have three children, you’ll have a quantity of three breakfasts and three lunches. This will result in you receiving 21 breakfast meals and 21 lunch meals for the week.

  9. Above the meal quantity, please select pick-up day. Select Thursday, as the selection will always be on a Friday. Meals can only be picked on Thursday.

  10. Then click submit to place your meal order.

Guidelines for Friday Food Pick-Up Between 9:00 am and 12:00 pm:

  1. Do not come if you are not feeling well!

    1. Please do not come If you are experiencing symptoms such as fever, cough, shortness of breath, or breathing difficulties. Please make arrangements for someone else in your family to pick up the food.

  2. Go to the location that you selected when you ordered your meals.

    1. For Meridian, you’ll go to the cafeteria/kitchen door #16 at the rear of the school. (It’s near a loading dock and a dumpster.)

    2. For Oak Street, you’ll go to the kiss and ride door #6 near the parking lot.

  3. When you arrive, do not come within 6 feet of anyone else.

    1. This is really important. We must stay 6 feet apart from each other.

    2. Only bring your children if you need them to carry the food. Children may not interact with other children.

    3. If there is someone else near the door, wait in your car or wait away from them.

  4. Staff will see you coming and bring your food

    1. Stand back from the table and state your name

    2. Staff will set the box on the table and back away

    3. After the staff has stepped back, approach the table and pick up your food.

Repeat the process of ordering and picking up each week through the end of the school year.


Please remember! If COVID-19 closures have resulted in a change in your family's income, you could be eligible for assistance through the National School Lunch program.

FCCPS accepts applications for the Free Reduced Meals Program at all times. Please visit to download the application for the FRM program. Once the application is complete please email it to You will be notified regarding your eligibility for this program ASAP.

If you need support with completing the application please reach out to your school's Social Worker for support. Remember we are here to help you. Additionally, there are many other resources available from our city, county, and state partners. Those resources include:

Please know that we are here to support you.

  • The information for each school is below:

Jessie Thackrey Preschool: Robin Borum, Social Worker
Office: 703-248-5625
Cell: 571-419-7741

Mount Daniel Elementary School: Susan Sinclair, Social Worker
Office: 703-248-5634
Cell: 571-419-4386

Oak Street Elementary School: Robin Borum, Social Worker
Office: 703-248-5625
Cell: 571-419-7741

Mary Ellen Henderson Middle School: Colleen Hoover, Social Worker
Office: 703-248-5624
Cell: 571-419-2600

Meridian High School: Ghada Khalaf, Social Worker
Office: 703-248-5518
Cell: 571-419-1127