Mary Ellen Henderson

COVID-19 Information

March 27, 2020

We have made it to Friday! Friday's seem less anti-climatic these days, as they all seem to be running together. As Dr. Noonan shared, after spring break, all schools will begin offering new learning on Tuesday, April 14th. Our teachers will begin preparing for this next week and I'll have more information on what this will look like at Henderson in next week's Herald. Dr. Noonan also shared that any missing assignments or unfinished work done during the 3rd quarter (prior to our closure on March 13th) can still be submitted. Students who need to do so should first use PowerSchool and Schoology to determine what if any assignments are missing, and then submit missing assignments electronically to the respective teacher by Friday, April 3rd. If submission is a challenge, we will support students with getting it to us. We are posting this information on Schoology for our students to know and have access to as well. This week, many of our teachers were able to access the conferencing feature in Schoology and this will remain an option that teachers are able to use as we move forward with new learning. I know that they have LOVED seeing students and miss them tremendously!

On the home front, like you, I've been trying to balance being a teacher and leading an online school full-time. I appreciate my daughters' teacher more now than ever before and am adjusting to our "new" teacher/student relationship. We have a schedule and are settling into a routine, however, I'm also embracing the fact that some days she has more iPad time than we'd like. Today she discovered the classic cartoons on Boomerang and has fallen in love with Tom & Jerry. While I led a few virtual meetings on the back deck, she enjoyed an extended art project in the sun.

This is definitely not our norm, but I am learning to embrace our new reality and grateful for this time with our girl and good health! I hope that you are forging a new path as well. Continue to take care of yourself and each other!

Respectfully, Valerie K. Hardy

Computer issues? Are you experience technical difficulties with your school issued device? If so, please complete this form and a member of our tech team will contact you! Va. Dept of Ed COVID:19 Updates The VDOE has created the COVID-19: A Parent Guide for School-Aged Children to serve as a resource for parents, families and caregivers on a variety of topics related to COVID-19 and their students.
Continue to visit the VDOE website for additional updates and guidance on COVID-19. If you have questions, please contact the VDOE Department of Special Education and Student Services, at specialed.assistantsuperintendent.memo@doe.virginia.gov. Mary Riley Styles Resources

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March 18, 2020

Dear Parents,

Launching E-Learning is going to be a new adventure for all of us. I have posted this information on our general Mary Ellen Henderson MS Schoology page for students to access in addition to sending this information to you tonight. We will all learn how to navigate this virtual learning experience together! Teachers have created instructional work for the five core courses: Mathematics, Language & Literature, Individuals & Societies/Humanities, Science, and Language Acquisition or Reading Lab. Our ENCORE team has also provided instructional resources that we recommend be incorporated into student’s daily E-Learning to break-up the day and provide a break from the laptop!

The instructional materials included in the E-Learning course are designed to reinforce concepts that have been learned throughout the school year or delve into topics that students have prior knowledge of but have not had time to explore in-depth. Teachers will not be live streaming or providing direct instruction online via Schoology. The lessons are self-directed, allowing students to work through the material and coursework independently. Many lessons contain video links, web links, and readings that will be used to support students learning. By focusing on reinforcing previous concepts, we are thoughtfully using this time to help us prepare for the end of year assessments and thereby allowing us to re-engage in our MYP/SOL aligned teacher-directed instruction when students return to Henderson.

In order to pace students learning and daily routine, we recommend that they keep to their A day/B day schedule. Recognizing that working from home will require a new rhythm, we have shared a sample daily schedule below:

8:30 - 10:00 - Reading, IXL, etc.
10:00 - noon - Independent online E-Learning
Noon - 1:00 - lunch/break
1:00 - 2:00- Independent Online E-Learning
2:00 - 3:00 - ENCORE Activity


Tomorrow, each student will be enrolled in our Henderson E-Learning Schoology Course. I have included a screenshot of the course below for you to see. There are subject-specific folders and within each folder, you will find materials for your student's specific course. For example, if your student is taking Math 8, you would click on the Mathematics folder and then the Math 8 folder to access the course materials.

Teachers will hold office hours throughout the week. During office hours, teachers will actively be online and able to respond to students in real-time and can support them with assignments. These “office hours” are an optional form of student/teacher communication and provide time for answering questions related to the resources. The office hours are listed here and are also located on the Henderson E-Learning Schoology Course which will launch tomorrow. Students are also welcome to email or Schoology message teachers outside of their respective office hours. Teachers will be monitoring their email and messages throughout the day and will respond to students. For example, if you have a question about your math work, you may reach out to your math teacher on Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 10-11 and they will be able to support you in real-time.


Within Schoology, there is a feature for teachers & counselors to hold 1:1 audio or video conferencing with students. Staff have the ability to initiate this feature and will do so as appropriate with students. Accessing this feature is “new learning” for all of us, and the preferred method for ease of communication will be Schoology messages and email.

School Counseling

School counselors will be accessible during office hours and will be monitoring email and Schoology messages throughout the day. They will also be providing 1:1 conferencing as needed with students. Our counselors have posted a folder on the E-Learning Course containing a variety of career and mindfulness related activities.

Student Services

All ESOL and IEP Case Managers along with Related Service Staff (Speech, OT, PT, Behavior Specialists, Counseling, School Psychologists, School Social Workers) will be holding "office hours" for online/virtual and email support for your students. Your students ESOL, IEP Case Manager, and Related Service Providers will be reaching out via email to touch base with you about resources and supports for your student over the next few days. Your student has access to all of the instructional resources provided to their grade level, in addition to additional support resources from their ESOL or IEP Case Manager based upon their individual needs. If your student is in need of additional support or help please reach out. Please contact your students ESOL or IEP Case Manager or our Special Education Administrator, Mr. Adam White, whitea1@fccps.org, with specific questions. We appreciate your patience as we navigate this together. This is new for us all, but our goal is to ensure that our students are supported given this unique situation facing us all. There will be bumps and we will work through them, so please be patient. This is an evolving plan and we will be providing updates as we receive them. Please visit our FCCPS Special Education, 504, ESOL Page on Thursday for additional resources and information.

Laptop Retrieval & Technology Support

We know that some students were unable to retrieve their laptop over the weekend. We will have limited hours tomorrow by appointment only for your students to come to get their laptops, instrument, and any necessary items from their locker. We are scheduling appointments to minimize physical interactions for students and staff. If you need to retrieve an item, please select a time from the choices on the spreadsheet below. Should you need to retrieve medication for your student, indicate it on the spreadsheet and know that it must be picked up by an adult. Henderson computer pick-up 3/19/20

  • If you or your students have difficulties accessing or using Schoology, please contact Steven Knight - knights@fccps.org via email for all account issues.
  • For issues with the computer or accessing the internet from your student’s FCCPS device, please submit a request for support to FCCPS’ Technology Team using the following link: http://bit.ly/2wZT5kq
  • If you cannot submit a request for support, you may send an email to: Lori Fogle via email foglel@fccps.org

In the event that we cannot resolve the issue remotely, we will schedule appointments to support families. This will allow us to ensure that we are maintaining physical distancing.

This is uncharted territory for sure, and as we work through the nuances of this new learning platform, please let us know how we can support you. Dr. Dippold, Mr. Carey, Mr. White and I will be posting daily updates to check-in and maybe even do some “challenges” with your students. As always, and maybe more so now than ever, please don’t hesitate to reach out to any of us if you have any questions!

See you online!

Mrs. Hardy

Lanzamiento de Henderson E-Learning

Lanzando E-Learning será una nueva aventura para todos nosotros. ¡Aprenderemos a navegar juntos esta experiencia de aprendizaje virtual! Los maestros han creado trabajos de instrucción para los cinco cursos principales: Matemáticas, Lengua y Literatura, Individuos y Sociedades / Humanidades, Ciencia y Adquisición de Idiomas o Laboratorio de Lectura. ¡Nuestro equipo ENCORE también ha proporcionado recursos de instrucción que recomendamos que se incorporen al E-Learning diario de los estudiantes para terminar el día y proporcionar un descanso de la computadora portátil!

Los materiales de instrucción incluidos en el curso de E-Learning están diseñados para reforzar los conceptos que se han aprendido durante el año escolar o profundizar en temas que los estudiantes tienen conocimiento previo pero que no han tenido tiempo de explorar en profundidad. Los maestros no transmitirán en vivo ni brindarán instrucción directa en línea a través de Schoology. Las lecciones son autodirigidas, lo que permite a los estudiantes trabajar a través del material y los cursos independientemente. Muchas lecciones contienen enlaces de video, enlaces web y lecturas que se utilizarán para apoyar el aprendizaje de los estudiantes. Al centrarnos en reforzar los conceptos anteriores, estamos utilizando este tiempo cuidadosamente para ayudarnos a prepararnos para las evaluaciones de fin de año y, por lo tanto, nos permite volver a participar en nuestra instrucción dirigida por el maestro alineada con MYP / SOL cuando los estudiantes regresen a Henderson.

Para dar ritmo al aprendizaje y la rutina diaria de los estudiantes, recomendamos que mantengan su horario de día A / día B. Reconociendo que trabajar desde casa requerirá un nuevo ritmo, hemos compartido una muestra del horario diario a continuación:

8:30 - 10:00 - Lectura, IXL, etc.
10:00 - mediodía - E-Learning en línea independiente
Mediodía - 1:00 - almuerzo / pausa
1:00 - 2: 00- Aprendizaje electrónico independiente en línea
2:00 - 3:00 - Actividad de ENCORE


Mañana, cada estudiante estár inscrito en nuestro Curso de Schoology "Henderson E-Learning". He incluido una captura de pantalla del curso a continuación para que lo veas. Hay carpetas de asignaturas específicas y dentro de cada carpeta, encontrará materiales para el curso específico de sus estudiantes. Por ejemplo, si su estudiante está tomando Matemáticas 8, debe hacer clic en la carpeta Matemáticas y luego en la carpeta Matemáticas 8 para acceder a los materiales del curso.

Los maestros tendrán horario de oficina durante toda la semana. Durante las horas de oficina, los maestros estarán activamente en línea y podrán responder a los estudiantes en tiempo real y pueden apoyarlos con tareas. Estas "horas de oficina" son una forma opcional de comunicación estudiante / maestro y proporcionan tiempo para responder preguntas relacionadas con los recursos. Las horas de oficina se enumeran aquí y también se encuentran en el Curso de Schoology "Henderson E-Learning" que se lanzará mañana. Los estudiantes también pueden enviar correos electrónicos o enviar mensajes a los maestros por Schoology fuera de sus horarios de oficina respectivos. Los maestros monitorearán sus correos electrónicos y mensajes durante todo el día y responderán a los estudiantes. Por ejemplo, si tiene una pregunta sobre su trabajo de matemáticas, puede comunicarse con su maestro de matemáticas los lunes, miércoles y viernes del 10 al 11 y podrán apoyarlo en tiempo real.


Dentro de Schoology, hay una función para que los maestros y consejeros realizan conferencias de audio o video 1:1 con los estudiantes. El personal tiene la capacidad de iniciar esta función y lo hará según corresponda con los estudiantes. Acceder a esta función es un "nuevo aprendizaje" para todos nosotros, y el método preferido para facilitar la comunicación serán los mensajes y el correo electrónico de Schoology.

Consejería Escolar

Los consejeros escolares estarán accesibles durante las horas de oficina y estarán monitoreando el correo electrónico y los mensajes de Schoology durante todo el día. También proporcionarán conferencias 1:1 según sea necesario con los estudiantes. Nuestros asesores han publicado un folder en el curso de E-Learning que contiene una variedad de información sobre carreras y actividades relacionadas con la atención plena.

Servicios Estudiantiles

Todos los administradores de casos de ESOL e IEP junto con el personal de servicios relacionados (discurso, OT, PT, especialistas en comportamiento, asesoramiento, psicólogos escolares ...) mantendrán "horas de oficina" para soporte en línea / virtual y correo electrónico para sus estudiantes. Los estudiantes de ESOL, IEP Case Manager y proveedores de servicios relacionados se comunicarán por correo electrónico para comunicarse con usted acerca de los recursos y el apoyo para su estudiante en los próximos días. Su estudiante tiene acceso a todos los recursos de instrucción proporcionados a su nivel de grado, además de recursos de apoyo adicionales de su administrador de casos de ESOL o IEP según sus necesidades individuales. Si su estudiante necesita apoyo o ayuda adicional, comuníquese. Comuníquese con el administrador de casos de ESOL o IEP de su estudiante o con nuestro administrador de educación especial, Sr. Adam White, whitea1@fccps.org, con preguntas específicas. Agradecemos su paciencia mientras navegamos juntos. Esto es nuevo para todos nosotros, pero nuestro objetivo es asegurarnos de que nuestros estudiantes reciban apoyo dada esta situación única que enfrentamos todos. Habrá obstáculos y trabajaremos para superarlos, así que tenga paciencia. Este es un plan en evolución y proporcionaremos actualizaciones a medida que las recibamos. Visite nuestra Página de Educación Especial, 504, ESOL de FCCPS el jueves para obtener recursos e información adicionales.

Recuperación de laptop y soporte tecnológico

Sabemos que algunos estudiantes no pudieron recuperar su computadora portátil durante el fin de semana. Tendremos horas limitadas mañana con cita previa solo para que su estudiante venga a buscar su computadora portátil, instrumento y cualquier artículo necesario de su casillero. Estamos programando citas para minimizar las interacciones físicas para los estudiantes y el personal. Si necesita recuperar un elemento, seleccione una hora de las opciones en el documento a continuación. Si necesita recuperar medicamentos para su estudiante, indíquelo en el documento y sepa que debe ser recogido por un adulto. Recolección de computadora en Henderson 3/19/20

  • Si usted o sus alumnos tienen dificultades para acceder o utilizar Schoology, comuníquese con Steven Knight - knights@fccps.org por correo electrónico para todos los problemas de la cuenta.
  • Para problemas con la computadora o el acceso a Internet desde el dispositivo FCCPS de su estudiante, envíe una solicitud de soporte al Equipo de Tecnología de FCCPS utilizando el siguiente enlace: http://bit.ly/2wZT5kq
  • Si no puede enviar una solicitud de soporte, puede enviar un correo electrónico a: Lori Fogle por correo electrónico foglel@fccps.org

En caso de que no podamos resolver el problema de forma remota, programaremos citas para apoyar a las familias. Esto nos permitirá asegurarnos de mantener el distanciamiento físico.

Sin duda, este es un territorio desconocido y, a medida que trabajemos con los matices de esta nueva plataforma de aprendizaje, háganos saber cómo podemos apoyarlo. El Dr. Dippold, el Sr. Carey, el Sr. White y yo publicaremos actualizaciones diarias para chequear y tal vez incluso hagamos algunos "desafíos" con sus estudiantes. Como siempre, y tal vez más que nunca, ¡no dude en comunicarse con cualquiera de nosotros si tiene alguna pregunta!

¡Nos vemos en línea!

Sra. Hardy

March 14, 2020

Dear Parents,

Thank you so much for bringing your students by today to retrieve their laptop and school-related items. 

A few parents reported having difficulty accessing their personal wifi when logging in at home, or have received a message stating that an administrator password is required. If this applies to your student, please bring your laptop back to school tomorrow, Sunday, March 15th, between 9-4, so that our technology team can fix it for you. 

If you are planning to retrieve your laptop tomorrow, we recommend that you come early so that we can provide support should you have any problems with your wifi connection at home. 

You can also reach out to the respective people listed below for technology support:

Thomas Jefferson ES: Alane O'Neill, oneilla@fccps.org , Hai Le, haile@fccps.org

Mary Ellen Henderson MS: Lori Fogle foglel@fccps.org, Kim Nguyen, nguyenk@fccps.org

Thanks for your patience as we transition to e-Learning.

March 13, 2020

Dear Henderson Parents & Community Members,

Thank you for all of your support and patience as we work to address this public health crisis. This week we shared our FCCPS Emergency Response Plan that would be deployed should we close for more than 3-days due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Unfortunately, we have arrived at that moment for our FCCPS school family. As you are aware, FCCPS will be closed from Monday, March 16th thru Monday, April 13th for our students. On Thursday, March 19th we will deploy our online resources for your student to begin working within Schoology. This letter will outline details specific to Henderson.

On Saturday, March 14th and Sunday, March 15th, our schools will be open from 9 am to 4 pm for families to pick up items. The schedule was developed to help ensure everyone’s safety and support social distancing practices. During distribution please try to stay 6 feet from one another, as we work as quickly as we can to ensure that each student receives the necessary items.

In order to ensure that we are able to distribute laptops, medications, and food to those students eligible for free and reduced-price meals, parents may need to visit each school that their student attends. Technology and medication pick up will occur at each child’s school while food will be available at the location where families receive backpack program support or at the school the oldest child attends for families who receive free and reduced-price meals.

Laptops & Item Retrieval:

All students will need to obtain their FCCPS laptop to participate in our e-learning Schoology course. We will also provide a charger. Students taking courses at Mason already have their take-home laptops issued to them.

In order to ensure that we don't have large crowds in the school, we have designated the following pick-up times below. Students will enter the building, obtain their laptop from the location where it is housed and will be issued a charger as they leave the building. We recognize that not everyone can make these definitive windows, however, we strongly encourage you to come during the respective grade level time to support an efficient laptop distribution.

We will also encourage students to retrieve their instruments from the band room as well as any other items required items from their locker. We kindly ask that only students enter and exit the building to minimize social interactions as much as possible.

We recognize that some of you have students in multiple grade levels. We do not want you to make two trips to Henderson and will make accommodations so that your students can get their laptops and items in one visit.

Medication Retrieval:

If your student has medications in the clinic, we will have staff here from 9-4 on both Saturday and Sunday to disperse medication to you. Medications must be picked up by a parent and cannot be sent home with a student.

Henderson E-Learning Schoology Course:
FCCPS will be closed for students and staff from Monday, March 16th - Wednesday, March 18th. We will launch our Henderson E-Learning platform via Schoology on Thursday, March 19th at 8AM. Our teachers have put together 20 days of instructional resources in Mathematics, Science, Individuals & Societies/Humanities, Language & Literature, World Language, and ENCORE. To support your learner, all teachers will be available during posted "office hours" and can also be reached through their FCCPS email or via Schoology message.

Adjusting to online learning will be a new rhythm for your student and we want them to find the right pace and routine that works for them. Below is a "sample" schedule of what a day of learning could look like:

8:30 - 10:00 - office hours w/teachers, reading, IXL
10:00 - noon - online lessons
noon - 1 - lunch/break
1-2 - online lessons
2-3 - ENCORE activity

These past few weeks have tested our community in a way that we have not been tested before. The uncertainty that comes with the "unknown" has definitely added an emotional strain to our students, our staff, and to many of you and your families over these past few days and weeks. As we all prepare to shift to e-Learning, we know that there will be new navigational challenges to work through, and we will continue to navigate them as a community. Thanks to Schoology, our entire staff will have a way to maintain a level of connectedness with students and even as we practice our new temporary norm of social distancing, let's not allow it to be a barrier to the heart! Check-in on a neighbor, offer support when you can, and in the midst of this global pandemic, make sure to take a moment for yourself!

I'll be in touch again on Wednesday evening, just prior to our e-Learning launch. Until then, take good care!


Valerie K. Hardy

Discussing COVID-19 with my student

In addition to talking with children about the importance of washing hands, covering coughs and sneezes, and staying home when they are sick, please see these resources that are meant to support families in talking with children about COVID-19.