Mount Daniel Elementary

COVID-19 Information

March 27, 2020

Hello, Mount Daniel community,

First I want to say that I hope everyone is safe and healthy. These are difficult times that we are facing, but we are facing them together. The announcement to close schools for the remainder of the year was devastating. I am saddened beyond words to not be able to see our students smiling faces as they get off the bus each day. However, I am working with our PTA to plan ways to stay connected and continue to celebrate all the accomplishments we have achieved this year. Also, I understand everyone’s emotions around this decision. While the building is closed, Mount Daniel’s teachers and staff have been hard at work. Our next challenge is planning our instruction for the remainder of the year. We’ve been meeting in teams (on a virtual platform) and working with each other to design age-appropriate instruction for Kindergarten through Second Grade students. We really appreciate the words of encouragement and gratitude that so many of you have shared. We truly are #bettertogether.

Dr. Noonan will continue to message the community each Tuesday and Friday while we live through this change. His messages will provide a lot of information and updates. I think it is fair to say that we all understand that this situation has been quickly evolving and news changes from one day to the next. Below is part of what was shared on Tuesday:

The Plan Forward

Since the Governor’s school closure announcement on Monday, we have been thoughtfully reflecting and discussing how best to serve our community of learners for the remainder of the year. We have decided to stay the course with our current plan through Spring Break. We will have our Professional Development Day for staff on April 13th and then continue our online instruction on April 14th with a slightly refined model.

We will be working to move from the current self-paced instruction with teacher office hours (continuity of instruction), to more teachers teaching new material. However, we will be teaching essential skills rather than “everything.” For clarity, and to help manage expectations, our teachers will not be online delivering content to our students for 6.5 hours per day. This is not sound instructional or learning practice, and it does not come close to approximating what happens in school daily. Our teachers in FCCPS are very focused on student engagement, and consequently, much of the instructional time during the day consists of self-directed and collaborative work and reflection. We will try hard to accommodate your students in this type of engagement, but following Spring Break via new content and continued office hours with teachers.

Ongoing Communication

Ongoing communication and education regarding schools will be vital to our collective success. There are multiple avenues to get the latest information from FCCPS. Our website, www.fccps.org, and the FCCPS App are our clearinghouses for information on both systemwide and school-specific importance. We will also provide updates through email, SMS text messaging, and through our various social media channels, including Twitter and Facebook.

A Note from our Counselors

Dear Parents,

We know that this can be a very difficult time for children and families. Please know that we are available to support your children. You can reach out to us via email to Jed Jackson(Kindergarten and 1st Grade) at JacksonJ@fccps.org or Carol Seaver (2nd Grade) at SeaverC@fccps.org. We are here to help and can set up a time to have a virtual conference. We are here to help.


Jed Jackson and Carol Seaver

Kindergarten Registration

Information about Kindergarten registration for next year’s K class can be found on the school website: https://md.fccps.org

If you know of anyone who will have a Kindergarten aged child who will be ready to start in August of 2020, please refer them to our website.

MARCH 19, 2020

Hello, Mount Daniel community,

I have stolen, with permission, Mr. Swanson’s opening paragraph from his TJ newsletter. His words sum up my feelings as well.

“My strong hope is that this brief newsletter finds each of you doing well, staying healthy, and managing what can be a hard and heavy emotional time as the nation works through this crisis. I also am hopeful that day 1 of online learning went well. While no technology can replace a teacher, those of you that have seen the materials our staff put together have been again reminded, I believe, of the extraordinary dedication and skill of our teachers. I want to thank our staff once again for their incredible work and dedication during this time, a time that has no precedent in our generation.” -Paul Swanson

As we move forward with this new reality, I’d like to remind everyone that teachers have been asked to not provide instruction but to solely focus on reinforcing previously learned concepts via Schoology message and/or email contact. They are accomplishing this through their established office hours on Schoology and through email.

I am always amazed at the way our community supports each other through these challenges and I think we would all agree that we’ve never been through anything quite so challenging. I appreciate everyone’s flexibility and patience during these difficult times.

Tech Support

To clarify Schoology: We did not have time to show the students at Mount Daniel how to log into Schoology. This will mean that you will need to help your child(ren) join the teacher's office hours. You will need to use the login information sent to you by Steve Knight.

All other programs and learning apps have been used by the children throughout the year and they should be able to access them as needed.

Schoology Support (Accessing folders, etc.) - Steve Knight at knights@fccps.org and Scott Daugherty at daughertys@fccps.org

Other tech support issues at MD - https://bit.ly/2TSvwDb

Thanks for your flexibility and understanding as we go online to support your child(ren).

March 17, 2020

Mount Daniel E-Learning Launch

Launching E-Learning is going to be a new adventure for all of us. We will learn how to navigate this virtual learning experience together! Teachers have created instructional work for Language Arts and Math. Our Specialist team will be providing instructional resources through classroom teachers that we recommend be incorporated into student’s daily E-Learning to break-up the day and provide a break from the laptop!

The instructional materials included in the E-Learning course are designed to reinforce concepts that have been learned throughout the school year. The lessons are self-directed, allowing students to work through the material and coursework independently. Many lessons contain video links, weblinks, and readings that will be used to support students learning. Note that teachers have been asked to not provide instruction but to solely focus on reinforcing previously learned concepts via schoology message and/or email contact.

In order to pace student learning and daily routine, we recommend that you create a daily schedule that is predictable and age appropriate. An example is below:

9:00 - 11:00 - Academic time (Reading, writing, Math for 20 minutes each, then repeat)

11:00 - 12:00 - Art or creative activities (ie Legos, Playdough, drawing, painting etc)

12:00 - 12:30- Lunch

12:30 - 1:00 - Chores (clean dishes, make bed, put away toys etc)

1:00 - 1:30 - Quiet time

1:30 - 2:30 - Academic time (electronics OK)

2:30 - 3:30 - Afternoon fresh air (bike, walk, play outside)


Although paper/pencil packets have been made available, we encourage you to take advantage of the online materials and activities, which have been developed with care by the teachers who know your children and their needs and abilities. While a computer is never a substitute for a teacher, especially for our youngest learners, please rest assured that our teachers' thought and planning are reflected in each and every one of these online activities.

All parents should have received login information from FCCPS so you can access your child’s Schoology account. This platform will allow our teachers to communicate in a much more efficient way with our families. Attached are some instructional videos to help you set up your account:

Schoology - www.schoology.com

Video - https://vimeo.com/282406188

How to change - password video

How to log into Conferences - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Q70tVvxdVWI9GVjgVssDdEKWYYuPn3S2kR4CWr3-W5k

For technical support, please contact: Steve Knight at knights@fccps.org and Scott Daugherty at daughertys@fccps.org

Office Hours

Teachers will hold office hours throughout the week. During office hours, teachers will actively be online and able to respond to students in real time and can support them with assignments. Teachers have been asked to use Schoology as a platform to hold daily “office hours” during the closure, beginning on Thursday 3/19. These “office hours” are an optional form of parent communication; this will be a time for answering questions related to the resources which we will provide. If you choose to log in during “office hours,” please know that this platform is similar to a public chat room in that all parents who are logged in at this time will see/hear any discussions taking place. Teachers will let their classes know when office hours have been established.

Also note that teachers have only received a brief introductory training on the use of Schoology, so please be patient as we learn to navigate this new technology together. That being said, we are absolutely still available via email and strongly encourage you to continue to use this method as a means of communication!

School Counseling

School counselors will be accessible via email on a consistent basis. We are encouraging families to reach out to us via email and we will be able to schedule phone calls as needed.

Student Services

For our students receiving Special Education or ESOL support services, case managers & related service providers will be in touch with you directly. If you are not sure who your student's case manager is, or have any questions regarding Special Education, you may contact Mrs. Allison Klink, Special Education Administrator at klinka@fccps.org

Message for parents about Special Education:

All IEP Case Managers and Related Service Staff (Speech, OT, PT, Behavior Specialists, Counseling, School Psychologists...) will be holding "office hours" for online/virtual and email support for your students. Your student's IEP Case Manager and Related Service Providers will be reaching out via email to touch base with you about resources and supports for your student over the next few days. Your student has access to all of the instructional resources provided to their grade level, in addition to additional support resources from their IEP Case Manager based upon their individual needs. If your student is in need of additional support or help please reach out. Please contact your child's IEP Case Manager or our School's Special Education Administrator with specific questions. We appreciate your patience as we navigate this together. This is new for us all, but our goal is to ensure that our students with disabilities are supported given this unique situation facing us all. There will be bumps and we will work through them, so please be patient. This is an evolving plan and we will be providing updates as we receive them. Please visit our FCCPS Special Education, 504, ESOL Page on Thursday for additional resources and information.

Technology Support

If you need technology support while at home, please reach out to the following staff members:

Schoology Support (Accessing folders, etc.) - Steve Knight at knights@fccps.org and Scott Daugherty at daughertys@fccps.org

Technology Support (Laptop concerns, connectivity challenges, etc.) - Ms. Nguyen, IT Specialist - nguyenl@fccps.org or Scott Daugherty at daughertys@fccps.org

This is unchartered territory for sure, and as we work through the nuances of this new learning platform, please let us know how we can support you. Mr. Ferrara, Mrs. Klink, and I will be posting updates to check-in and maybe even do some “challenges” with your student. As always, and maybe more so now than ever, please don’t hesitate to reach out to any of us if you have any questions!

See you all online!

Mr. Kasik

March 16th - March 18th: Student & Staff Holidays

March 19th - April 3rd: e-Learning

April 6th - April 10th - FCCPS Spring Break (no e-Learning)

April 13th: Teachers return for PD

April 14th: Students return to school

Lanzar E-Learning será una nueva aventura para todos nosotros. ¡Aprenderemos a navegar juntos esta experiencia de aprendizaje virtual! Los maestros han creado trabajos de instrucción para Artes del Lenguaje y Matemáticas. ¡Nuestro equipo de especialistas proporcionará recursos de instrucción a través de los maestros de clase y recomendamos que se incorporen al E-Learning diario de los estudiantes para quebrar el día y proporcionar un descanso de la computadora portátil!

Los materiales de instrucción incluidos en el curso de E-Learning están diseñados para reforzar los conceptos que se han aprendido durante el año escolar. Las lecciones son autodirigidas, lo que permite a los estudiantes trabajar a través del material y los cursos independientemente. Muchas lecciones contienen enlaces de video, enlaces web y lecturas que se utilizarán para apoyar el aprendizaje de los estudiantes. Tenga en cuenta que se les ha pedido a los maestros que no brindan instrucción, sino que se centren únicamente en reforzar los conceptos previamente aprendidos a través de mensajes vía Schoology y contacto por correo electrónico.

Para dar ritmo al aprendizaje de los estudiantes y la rutina diaria, le recomendamos que cree un horario diario que sea predecible y apropiado para la edad. Un ejemplo a continuación:

9:00 - 11:00 - Tiempo académico (lectura, escritura, matemáticas durante 20 minutos cada una)

11:00 - 12:00 - Actividades artísticas o creativas (es decir, Legos, Playdough, dibujo, pintura, etc.)

12:00 - 12:30 - Almuerzo

12:30 - 1:00 - Tareas (limpiar platos, hacer la cama, guardar juguetes, etc.)

1:00 - 1:30 - Tiempo de descanso

1:30 - 2:30 - Tiempo académico (electrónica esta bien)

2:30 - 3:30 - Aire fresco por la tarde (bicicleta, caminar, jugar afuera)


Aunque los paquetes de papel / lápiz pueden estar disponibles, le recomendamos que aproveche los materiales y actividades en línea, que han sido desarrollados con cuidado por los maestros que conocen a sus hijos y sus necesidades y habilidades. Aunque una computadora nunca sustituye a un maestro, especialmente para nuestros alumnos más jóvenes, tenga la seguridad de que el pensamiento y la planificación de nuestros maestros se reflejan en todas y cada una de estas actividades en línea.

Todos los padres deberían haber recibido información de inicio de sesión de FCCPS para que pueda acceder a la cuenta de Schoology de su hijo. Esta plataforma permitirá a nuestros maestros comunicarse de una manera mucho más eficiente con nuestras familias. Se adjuntan algunos videos instructivos para ayudarlo a configurar su cuenta:

Aplicación de Google: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.schoology.app

Aplicación de Apple: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/schoology/id411766326?mt=8

Video - https://vimeo.com/282406188

Cómo cambiar la contraseña de video

Para soporte técnico, contacte a: Steve Knight en knights@fccps.org y Scott Daugherty en daughertys@fccps.org

Horas de oficina

Los maestros tendrán horario de oficina durante toda la semana. Durante las horas de oficina, los maestros estarán activamente en línea y podrán responder a los estudiantes en tiempo real y pueden apoyarlos con tareas. Se les ha pedido a los maestros que usen Schoology como una plataforma para mantener los “horas de oficina” diarias durante el cierre, que comienza el jueves, 19 de Marzo. Estas "horas de oficina" son una forma opcional de comunicación con los padres; Este será un momento para responder preguntas relacionadas con los recursos que proporcionaremos. Si elige iniciar sesión durante las “horas de oficina”, sepa que esta plataforma es similar a una sala de chat pública en el sentido de que todos los padres que hayan iniciado sesión en este momento verán / escucharán cualquier discusión que tenga lugar. Los maestros informarán a sus clases cuando se hayan establecido las horas de oficina

También tenga en cuenta que los maestros solo han recibido una breve capacitación introductoria sobre el uso de Schoology, así que tengan paciencia mientras aprendemos a navegar juntos por esta nueva tecnología. Dicho esto, estamos absolutamente disponibles por correo electrónico y le recomendamos que continúe utilizando este método como medio de comunicación.

Consejería escolar

Los consejeros escolares estarán accesibles durante las horas de oficina y estarán monitoreando el correo electrónico y los mensajes de Schoology durante todo el día.

Servicios estudiantiles

Para nuestros estudiantes que reciben servicios de apoyo de educación especial o ESOL, los administradores de casos y proveedores de servicios relacionados se comunicarán directamente con usted. Si no está seguro de quién es el administrador de casos de su estudiante, o si tiene alguna pregunta sobre Educación Especial, puede comunicarse con la Sra. Allison Klink, Administradora de Educación Especial al klinka@fccps.org

Soporte tecnológico

Si necesita soporte tecnológico mientras está en casa, comuníquese con los siguientes miembros del personal:

Soporte de Schoology (acceso a carpetas, etc.) - Steve Knight a knights@fccps.org y Scott Daugherty a daughertys@fccps.org

Soporte tecnológico (preocupaciones sobre computadoras portátiles, desafíos de conectividad, etc.) - Sra. Nguyen, Especialista en TI - nguyenl@fccps.org o Scott Daugherty en daughertys@fccps.org

Sin duda, este es un territorio desconocido, y a medida que trabajamos con los matices de esta nueva plataforma de aprendizaje, háganos saber cómo podemos apoyarlo. El Sr. Ferrara, la Sra. Klink y yo publicaremos actualizaciones para chequear y tal vez incluso hagamos algunos "desafíos" con su estudiante. Como siempre, y tal vez ahora más que nunca, ¡no dude en comunicarse con cualquiera de nosotros si tiene alguna pregunta!

¡Nos vemos en línea!

March 13, 2020

The following Materials Distribution information is intended for the following families who need to:

1. Pick up meds in the health room
2. Pick up pre-requested technology or curriculum materials
3. Pick up pre-requested paper packets of work
4. Pick up pre-arranged food packs

I apologize for any confusion while we work quickly to meet the needs of all our families. If you do not fall into one of these groups, you do not need to come to Mount Daniel this weekend.

Materials Distribution Information

Good afternoon Mount Daniel community,

I hope this message finds you well. By now you’ve had a little time to process the fact that we will be closed until April 14th. This is unprecedented and certainly not what any of us expected when we started the 2019-2020 school year. I am incredibly proud of the staff at Mount Daniel for rallying together to gather resources and learning activities for our students.

Today, teacher’s at Mount Daniel were busy finalizing activities for our students in order to see us through our shutdown. The most important thing to do with students is to READ and WRITE every single day. Each team has prepared lists of topics for students to write about along with other age appropriate learning activities. Our goal is to make sure our students do not lose any skills they’ve worked so hard to acquire. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of next week will be thought of as ‘snow days without the snow.’ Teachers will be contacting you through email and Schoology to support learning and answer any questions you might have beginning on Thursday, March 19th.

Although paper/pencil packets can be made available, we encourage you to take advantage of the online materials and activities, which have been developed with care by the teachers who know your children and their needs and abilities. While a computer is never a substitute for a teacher, especially for our youngest learners, please rest assured that our teachers' thought and planning are reflected in each and every one of these online activities.

All parents should have received login information from FCCPS so you can access your child’s Schoology account. This platform will allow our teachers to communicate in a much more efficient way with our families. Attached are some instructional videos to help you set up your account:

Google App - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.schoology.app

Apple App - https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/schoology/id411766326?mt=8

Video - https://vimeo.com/282406188

How to change password video

During this time of uncertainty, it is important to remember that we are all in this together. I am looking forward to getting back to business as usual and will be available should anyone need anything. The teachers and staff at Mount Daniel are dedicated to our children and will miss seeing them every day. However, we will be responsive to your needs during this time. Once again, please reach out if we can do anything.

Take good care and I look forward to seeing you all soon.

Timothy Kasik