Focus Area: Investing in Our People

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In order to create a culture of excellence, FCCPS will invest in our employees by building structures that promote success and professional growth opportunities, cultivating intrinsic motivation and mutual reliance in a workplace culture that values every voice.

KEY ACTION: Develop and implement a systemwide professional learning plan that is responsive to the needs of employees, providing opportunities for improved job performance, growth, and leadership.

2022 Development
2023 Implementation

2024 Review & Refinement
2025-2026 Embedded

Success Looks Like This

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By January 2023, FCCPS will launch tuition reimbursement for external professional development opportunities for FCCPS employees.


  • In November 2022 FCCPS launched employee tuition reimbursement programs with Northern Virginia Community College and English Empowerment Center.

Evidence & Performance Measurements

  • During Spring 2023 semester, eleven FCCPS staff members signed up for courses in this program to learn English, earn teacher licensure or Associate's Degrees.

  • Summer 2023 classes begin in May and June 2023.

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By June 2023, FCCPS will develop a divisionwide Professional Learning Framework.


  • FCCPS leadership worked throughout Fall 2022 to categorize professional development activities and funding sources.

  • Divisionwide professional development committee convened in January 2023 and work will be occurring in Spring 2023.

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By June 2023, FCCPS will provide leadership development for site-based and central office administrators.


  • First cohort began meeting in Winter 2022.

  • Second cohort began in February 2023.

  • Third cohort will begin in Spring 2023.