Focus Area: Investing in Our People

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In order to create a culture of excellence, FCCPS will invest in our employees by building structures that promote success and professional growth opportunities, cultivating intrinsic motivation and mutual reliance in a workplace culture that values every voice.

KEY ACTION: Leverage each staff member’s ability to contribute within their respective area of expertise through clear goal setting, reflective and timely two-way feedback, and ongoing collaboration.

2022-23 Research
2024 Development
2025 Implementation
2026 Review & Refinement

Success Looks Like This

Year Two (2023-24)

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By June 2024, FCCPS Inclusive Local History pilot program will be ready to extend to the full curriculum.


  • Curriculum writers are researching local history and connecting pilot teachers to experts with knowledge and resources.

  • Pilot teachers are developing lessons to be included in curriculum.

  • Local history lessons will be presented in an IB context, leveraging teachers' IB training.

  • Curriculum developers and pilot teachers given opportunity to extend their own learning, as the leaders of a new K-12 program.

  • Professional development and planning meeting set for November 2023.

Evidence & Performance Measurements

  • Twenty FCCPS staff members involved in the development of Inclusive Local History Program.

  • Slide below describes the role of Curriculum Developer roles , which is new in FCCPS for this project.

Local history curriculum