Gifted Identification Process


FCCPS Gifted Education Identification Process:

In Kindergarten through second grade, the enrichment coordinator will collaborate with the
classroom teachers to provide differentiated instruction in all classrooms and special
project opportunities for students that focus on critical thinking and problem-solving.
An observation log is utilized by the enrichment coordinator to record behaviors of
students who demonstrate a potential for superior aptitudes. The observation, teacher referral
and norm-referenced assessments in mathematics and/or reading are used to determine
which K-2 students would benefit from additional pull out enrichment services on a
quarterly basis.

During the second grade year, all students will be screened using norm-referenced ability
and achievement assessments in English and mathematics. At the end of second grade the
Screening Identification and Placement Committee (SIP) will analyze the assessment
information from multiple data sources and determine the eligibility status of each student.
Students will be formally identified for the Academic and Creative Endeavors Program
(ACE) in June of their second-grade year.

FCCPS seeks to find eligible candidates from all populations within the school division
including children in all underrepresented populations. To this end, the gifted education
teacher at each school site routinely confers with specialists in the areas of ESOL, special
education, and counseling. Nonverbal ability tests will be used as a measure of our
screening process in order to identify students from underrepresented groups.
Students are screened each year for advanced academic services using multiple criteria
which includes nationally norm-referenced aptitude and achievement tests, teacher
observation/checklist, and/or other evidence that supports a need for advanced academic
services. Our process ensures that no single criterion makes a student eligible or ineligible
for the school division’s advanced academic program. For each identified student, the
Screening Identification and Placement Committee (SIP) shall determine which service
option offered by the division most effectively meets the learning needs of the student.