Enrollment Options



Option A -After School Full Time
All three locations operates in coordination with the FCCPS school calendar)

Option B - Before School Full Time
Mt. Daniel & Thomas Jefferson Only (operates in coordination with the FCCPS school calendar)

Option C - After School Part Time - MEH ONLY
1-3 afternoons/week, (operates in coordination with the FCCPS school calendar)

Option D - INACTIVE 
Families initially enrolled under Option (A), (B) or under Option (C) but choose to no longer actively attend Extended Day Care/MS ASAP programs will be considered "Inactive". In this status children are not eligible to attend Day Care or MS ASAP, register for any full day coverage, nor are they eligible to be on the wait list, should one become necessary.

Before School Add-on use
Families already enrolled in elementary after school program may occasionally add before school use with 24 hour advance notice if space is available and for an extra fee which will be billed on a subsequent monthly invoice. This option is NOT available on inclement weather, school late opening days.

After School Add-on use(MEH only)
Families enrolled in part-time after school at MEH ASAP may occasionally add an additional afternoon with 24 hour advance notice if space is available and for an extra fee which will be billed on a subsequent monthly statement.

Kindergarten early dismissal- first week of school (Mt. Daniel only):
Families enrolled in options A or B are eligible for Kindergarten Early Dismissal the first week of school. Day Care will open immediately upon the early dismissal of the kindergarten children. There is an additional fee for the early dismissal coverage during this time. (Reduced fees apply) The fees charged for these early release hours are in addition to the monthly fee and are specifically to cover the time from the early dismissal until the time Day Care normally begins after school.

School closings- (Full Day option) for scheduled school breaks
For FCCPS school Professional Days and days during Winter and Spring break, the Day Care Program is open from 7 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. There is a separate registration form and additional fees for these days. Registration for these days begins approximately five weeks in advance and closes one week before. Families must be actively enrolled during the special registration period as well as during the time of actual attendance.

Inclement weather coverage
When schools close early due to inclement weather the Extended Day Care and MS ASAP programs will provide coverage until all children are picked up. However, late pickup fees will apply regardless of weather conditions. Parents will be notified via email if the Extended Day Care/MS ASAP programs close early due to deteriorating weather conditions.

Families are either enrolled or inactive from the program. Families can choose to withdraw their child(ren) at any time. However, fees will still be due if the required notice is not given. Families wishing to re-enroll during the school year must ensure previously submitted registration information is up-to-date, pay a registration fee each time a child is re-enrolled and pay one full month’s fee regardless of re-registration date.

Children withdrawn from the Extended Day Care/MS ASAP programs are not eligible to register for full-day programs or be placed on a waiting list (should one be necessary). If a wait list is in place, families wishing to re-register will be placed at the bottom of the wait list.