Focus Area: Communication & Engagement

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FCCPS will engage in communications that foster understanding and relationships among stakeholders by empowering all voices through a variety of channels. Communications will be clear and digestible, providing two-way, multi-lingual, accessible messaging. Communications will address time-sensitive information, and provide space to share stories that build community.

KEY ACTION: Overcome barriers to effective communications, to include language, accessibility, and technology access.

2022 Implementation
2023-2024 Review & Refinement
2025-2026 Embedded

Success Looks Like This

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In the 2022-23 school year, FCCPS will expand and enhance use of interpretation services.


  • All FCCPS buildings have access to Language Line interpretation services and usage is promoted and tracked throughout the division.

  • Interpretation headsets are available for meetings and classrooms.

  • Staff are trained on protocols for use of interpretation tools.

  • Divisionwide communications are sent in both English and Spanish.

Evidence & Performance Measurements

Total Number of Language Line Phone Calls

Total Minutes of Language Line Phone Calls

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All videos posted to FCCPS Youtube Channel and Zoom meetings will be captioned in multiple languages.


  • FCCPS Communications Department configured the division’s YouTube page to provide closed captions in multiple languages, starting with videos posted in December 2022.

  • As of December 2022, Zoom meetings will have closed captioning available in the preferred language of the participants.

Evidence & Performance Measurements

Sample video with the captions

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By December 2022 FCCPS will complete a pilot program using ClassTag that allows parents to receive school communications in their native language.


  • Elementary principals and administrative assistants were trained in ClassTag for the 2022-23 school year.

  • As of January 2023, Mount Daniel and Oak Street Elementary weekly Principal's Newsletters are being distributed via ClassTag.

  • As of January 2023, most teacher-to-parent written communication at Mount Daniel and Oak Street Elementary Schools are conducted through ClassTag.

Evidence & Performance Measurements

Class Tag at Mt. Daniel

Chart shows family engagement using ClassTag at Mt. Daniel Elementary in January 2023

ClassTag at Oak Street

Chart shows family engagement using ClassTag at Oak Street Elementary School in January 2023.

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By June 2023 FCCPS will complete a communications survey to gather community feedback on divisionwide and school communications.


  • Communications Survey completed.

  • Survey findings presented to the School Board and community March 2023.

  • Communications Department convening committee to coordinate school websites.

Evidence & Performance Measurements

Presentation Slides from March 28, 2023 School Board Meeting

Communications Presentation to School Board

March 28, 2023

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By June 2023 the Family Resource Center will host at least one parent event geared towards training parents on basic computer skills.


  • Parent liaisons and technology teams at elementary and secondary levels are partnering to design a series of workshops to build parent fluency with computer skills. Dates for these events will be forthcoming.

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All 3rd through 12th grade families will have the ability to access the FCCPS parent portal to view student Virginia Standards of Learning (SOL) scores.


  • In Fall 2022, families with students in grades 3-8 received access to the Virginia Department of Education Assessment Portal through PowerSchool accounts.

  • Beginning in March 2023, families with students in grades 9-12 will receive access to the portal, and instruction on how to set up an account.

FCCPS Virginia Assessment Parent Portal Resource Page provides up-to-date instructions for families to ensure that it is understandable and accessible.