Focus Area: Communication & Engagement

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FCCPS will engage in communications that foster understanding and relationships among stakeholders by empowering all voices through a variety of channels. Communications will be clear and digestible, providing two-way, multi-lingual, accessible messaging. Communications will address time-sensitive information, and provide space to share stories that build community.

KEY ACTION: Engage with stakeholders through predictable communication and systematic feedback loops that enhance understanding and develop relationships and connections throughout the Falls Church community.

2022 Research
2023 Development
2024 Implementation
2025 Review & Refinement
2026 Embedded

Success Looks Like This

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By June 2023 FCCPS will complete a communications survey to gather community feedback on divisionwide and school communications.


  • Communications Survey completed

  • Survey findings will be reviewed and begin to be implemented in Spring 2023.

Evidence & Performance Measurements

  • Feedback buttons added to all school websites.