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Special Needs Programs

Preschool Program Overview:

Mount Daniel School’s Early Childhood Program offers two types of preschool experiences.

  1. Mount Daniel's Special Education Preschool is designed to offer an integrated program for children with identified special needs. These students have completed the special education identification process and have been found eligible for special education services. Through their IEP (Individualized Education Plan) process it has been determined that class based services are required to best meet their needs.
  2. The Mount Daniel Family Literacy Program serves families and children who are second language learners and/or have other risk factors identified through the Virginia Preschool Initiative.

Peer Partners:

In these small, developmentally appropriate classes all children engage in typical preschool activities and daily routines that help them learn the self-help, socialization and early academic skills needed for success in elementary school. The expectation for all families is that they will participate in evening school events, field trips, Back to School Night and other classroom activities which help us to build community.

Please check back here for information about the upcoming 2014-2015 school year.

Child Find:

Preschool children are screened for special education services through the Mount Daniel Child Find program. Parents who have concerns about the development of their child or would like more information about Child Find can contact Erin Eilers Jones in the Mount Daniel Child Find office at 703-248-5650.

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