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New way to pick teams

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The week the Physical Education class has been playing through a basketball unit. As usual, P.E. teacher Brandon Dye's block 5 class walks into the gym after changing separately according to gender, but when students get into the gym, it usually becomes a mixed gender class once again. But lately, the class has been told to stay separate.

Dye, a new gym teacher this year at GM, decided that this was the best way to get each gender, with more emphasis on the female population of the class, to participate more actively. Dye argued that he thought the female population of the class would be more forward when playing against the same sex.

Although Dye tried it as a trial, he did not ask the class what their opinion was before deciding so. Objective results were hard to decipher as there was no clear answer. While some children enjoyed mixing the genders within teams, others preferred to stay separate.

The class name, Physical Education, has the word "education" in it and if male and females are equal when it comes to education, why is physical education the only class to separate by gender? Just because a female or male student feels uncomfortable raising their hand in an English class or a math class does not mean the teacher will split up the class according to gender.

Overall I would prefer it if Physical Education classes remain mixed gender teams. Although it was a trial to see if it would enhance the class, my opinion is that it dulled the class more than made the class more challenging or competitive as this class is meant to be.