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Little Shop of Horrors impresses all

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"Little Shop of Horrors," the play based on a 1960's comedy film, was successfully played by Mason students last weekend. Everyone was impressed with all the talented actors, live music that stayed in everyone's head, sound effects and stage managing.

This play is about a nice and innocent boy named Seymour (played by junior Sam Waters). Seymour finds a man-eating plant that makes him rich and gives him the woman he loves. Because of what the plant offers him, he starts killing people and feeding them to the evil plant.

In the end, the boy loses everything he loves and dies. This ending is different from the movie because it is more realistic and sad. However with all the happy songs it didn't make anyone too sad or disappointed.

But behind all of the drama there, one could notice all of the hard work put into the execution of the play. The hard labor of about 35 actors, nine musicians, ten techies, 100 costumes, 21 baby plants, over 100 feet of vines and 30 bunches of flowers were blatant. This was especially remarkable because of Rand Walter, a freshman, who jumped into the part of the dentist at the very last moment, learning his part in a matter of three days.

All of this hard work was made into a wonderful play that is perhaps one of the most impressive from this generation of Masonites.