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The Fame Monster wows GaGa fans

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Following Lady GaGa's debut album The Fame, reaching triple platinum in multiple countries, many fans wondered if she could top herself. Also after many strange performances on the VMA's and Saturday Night Live featuring props such as fake blood and an orbital dress, some were wondering if she was going over the deep end.

However this new album, featuring singles including "Bad Romance" and "Telephone" has done just that. The Fame Monster is a re-release of The Fame with an additional CD with eight new tracks. Many fans of GaGa find she is just as good as when she first started, while the naysayers still attempt to find rumors to put her down.

Senior Sam Dittmar said, "the songs I've heard on the album are really good. It's really different music, but I like it. GaGa's strange music and even stranger style can work both ways though. Fans say they love how weird she is whereas critics claim she's a man and makes no sense."

Most fans say they know she's weird but they like her anyway. Junior Veronica O'Rourke said, "'Bad Romance' is good because it's such a weird style of music and I like it."

Seeing past the fact that GaGa doesn't wear pants, features fake blood in her performances, and may or may not be a man, she still writes good and controversial music. Her new album The Fame Monster's eight new tracks blew most fans away, singing about her fears of death and love, rather than fame and glamour; she has hit a new level. We can only wait to see what's in store for us in her next performance or her next album.