Mason Staff Members To March In Inaugural Parade

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Mason staff members Bianca White and Joseph Martinez will be marching in this Sunday's four mile Inaugural parade in Washington, D.C. 

White is currently a Special Education teacher and our school's track coach.  She will march with 150 AmeriCorps alumni, which is a domestic volunteer organization.  She is now the Co-Chair of the National Alumni Advisory Board and was chosen from 550,000 other alumni.  While being in AmeriCorps, she has had the opportunity to meet every President since President Carter.  She will have to arrive at the Pentagon at 10:30AM and march in the parade that begins at 2:30. 

Mr. Joseph Martinez is a Sergeant in his ninth year.  He decided in September that he would like to volunteer in the parade.  It's noticeable that he was committed to this event prior to finding out who won the election.  When asked about which candidate he would prefer marching for, he proudly said "either way, we are doing this for the country." About 100 volunteers stepped forward along with Mr. Martinez.  He said that "a lot of the people I will be marching with are from my unit." Friday after the Clarke game he will be bused to a hotel to begin rehearsing for the Inauguration.  As soon as he arrives at our Nation's Capitol on Tuesday, he and the other volunteers will be on lockdown until the parade begins.

Both will be in uniform while marching in the parade, and they both are proud to serve our country during this historical time in America.