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Mason senior performs at legendary 9:30 Club

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gemondThere is a new young band that goes by the name of Thoughts on Standby. The band is a creation of Mason senior Matt Gemond (bass and lead singer), and Bishop O’Connell High School seniors Tonito Walls (drums and saxophone) and John Toth (guitar and backup vocals). They formed the band while they went to school together at O’Connell in 2008.

Despite Gemond transferring to Mason and leaving his O’Connel bandmates behind, these are still some of the best friends you can find together and who play excellent music. They are a punk band, but also incorporate jazz and other music genres into their songs.

They have performed at numerous places such as Jammin’ Java, at George Mason for Spring and JV Shows, private cocktail parties, and fundraisers. But they were recently asked to perform in a show called “The Next Big Thing Tour,” which finds local talent and allows them to play at an all day music festival at the 9:30 Club in Washington, D.C. There are two other stages, one at a place called DC9 and another at the Rock and Roll Hotel, but the 930 Club is by far the most sought out.

Thoughts on Standby went on stage at around 3:50 p.m. on Saturday and performed four original songs and one cover of a song. The first song they played was entitled “What I Used to Be,” followed by their hit song “Take the Kids Inside,” then their cover of Taking Back Sunday’s “Decade on the Influence.” They also played a song called “105,” and their final song named “Dr. Dank” was accompanied by their friend from O’Connell, Marc Saucer singing lead vocals.

The crowd loved the band’s music, including several George Mason students who made the journey to the club, as they cheered for Gemond in the front row of the stage.

Gemond said “I thought it went well.”  He also liked the bands that went on before and after him, saying, “as the day went on the bands got better and better, and the music got tighter and tighter.”

Toth said “I wasn’t sure if I was able to come,” but he did ultimately succeeded in the end.  Walls was very excited about performing in front of the largest crowd he has to date.