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Planking: a brief history

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ward_planking_featureFor any of you that have seen this fad in action, I would imagine that your first reaction was just as confused as mine. It is a strange and seemingly pointless activity which many of you know as “planking.” While it has other names-- “the lying down game” (England), “playing dead” (Korea), “facedowns” (Ireland), and “on one’s belly” (France)-- most of us were introduced to the fad as “planking.” Some were first exposed to it while looking at pictures on Facebook, some were told by a friend, and some even had the chance of seeing it firsthand.

When sophomore Paul Sanders came across a picture of somebody planking on Facebook for his first time he “thought they took the picture standing and just needed to rotate it.”

The rules are that the person must be lying flat on their stomach with their arms at their sides, while pointing their fingers and toes directly behind them. Next, a picture must be taken to document the plank. This is what makes the activity bigger than just someone lying down in public. The point is to find the coolest or most original place to plank, and to get a good picture while doing it.

It’s hard to think how such a seemingly pointless game could have become so world-renown, in what appeared to be a short period of time. In actuality, this “lying down game” originated roughly in the year 2000 with Christian Langdon and Gary Clarkson in England. As early teenagers, the two would have fun going to public places and taking turns lying down in random areas while the other would stand from afar and laugh at the people’s reactions. Eventually the game caught on to their friends and around their school, and people began posting pictures of themselves planking on social networking sites like Facebook and Myspace.  Its popularity skyrocketed when the two made a group for the game on Facebook in 2007.

 Since that time it has become a worldwide fad. Cases began springing up everywhere, and more accounts of accidents that occurred while planking arose in the news. Seven doctors and nurses were suspended from duty at the hospital they worked at, after being caught planking at work. There have even been incidents of those who attempt a particularly dangerous plank, and end up losing their lives.

So while you may not get it or enjoy it, it’s amazing how an activity so simple and seemingly meaningless grew into a game that has caused everything from hilarity to fatality.


Prom Inspiration Here to Pin Interest of Mason Students

Prom Inspiration Here to Pin Interest of Mason Students

By Tara Holman , Erin McFall, and Nicole Zorniak   

The Lasso is calling all junior and senior class members. Prom Night is scheduled for May 10. Have you found your prom dress, tuxedo or shoes? Have you planned the perfect way to ask that special someone? If not, The Lasso has created a series of Pinterest boards to spark your interest.

Below you will find a collection of Pinterest boards created to inspire students with prom dresses, tuxedos, women and men hairstyles, jewelry, shoes, promposals and more.

Stay tuned for more Prom themed articles on The Lasso. Also, don’t forget prom tickets go on sale on Monday April 7. 


Mason cracks down on illegal parking

Threats of towing become a reality for the student drivers of George Mason

By Julie Smith  

Are you parking in a school parking lot without a pass? If so, you should probably pay for one, unless you want to have your car towed. The threat of towing cars without the shiny red and white George Mason parking pass sticker has been passed around for years, the only difference is that now, it’s actually being enforced.

“I walked out to the junior lot after school and spent like five minutes looking for my car till I realized what had happened,” said Annie Wilson, junior, a recent victim to Mason’s parking crackdown. “I didn't have a chance to talk to anyone before getting towed; it was a total surprise.”

Wilson was not contacted while her car was getting towed. She lives on the opposite end of town and had no immediate alternative way to get home. Later on she was forced to make the trek to Henry’s Towing in Merrifield to get her car back, and on top of that, once you are towed you are required to pay a towing fee of $125 in addition to the fee already required for a school parking pass.

“I didn't get a pass earlier because I think it's ridiculous to pay that much,” said Wilson. “Other sch...


Podcast Episode 2 - Snow storms, spring sports, SATs, Oh My!

Podcast Episode 2 - Snow storms, spring sports, SATs, Oh My!

By Melissa Johnson and Erin McFall

Co- news editors Melissa Johnson and Erin McFall sit down for a second episode of the newly named, “Melerin” podcast series. Although it has been a while since the first podcast, Melissa and Erin sit and talk about the past couple weeks involving the many snow storms, starts of spring sports, and the newly revised SATs coming out soon.  

Check out Episode 1

“The Fault in Our Stars” wins Lasso poll for Best Book Movie of the Year

“The Fault in Our Stars” wins Lasso poll for Best Book Movie of the Year

By Megan Jenkins

After a poll asking Lasso readers which book-movie coming out in 2014 is most popular ( The Fault in Our Stars , Divergent , The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 ), The Fault in Our Stars won with 11 total votes, or 42%.

“The Fault in Our Stars” is directed by Josh Boone and stars Shailene Woodley as Hazel Grace Lancaster and Ansel Elgort as Augustus (Gus) Waters. The author is John Green , who has also written popular books such as “ Looking for Alaska ” and “ An Abundance of Katherines ”.

The movie centers around two teenagers (Hazel Lancaster and Augustus Waters) who meet at a cancer support group. Throughout the book, the two fall in love.

Booklist reviewed this book as: “Green’s best and most ambitious novel to date. In its every aspect, The Fault in Our Stars is a triumph.”

“The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1” was a close second to “The Fault in Our Stars” with 10 votes out of a total 26 votes.

“The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1” is part of trilogy a (First book being The Hunger Games and second book Catching Fire) about a dystopian world where children ages 12-18 are forced to fight to the death until one survives. The story takes readers through the journey of a past victor, Katni...