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Mastodon releases new album ‘The Hunter’

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Mastodon-The_HunterIf your idea of metal is just bands screaming and yelling, you are wrong. One of metal’s most famous bands, Mastodon, does not worship Satan or just play their guitars fast. They play what people in the metal world know as “Sludge Metal” and “Progressive Metal.”

You may know Mastodon already from their most famous song “Sleeping Giant” off their album “Blood Mountain.” That song has appeared in numerous movies, tv shows, and even was available to play on Guitar Hero.

Mastodon just released their new album “The Hunter,” which is their fifth studio album and their first since 2009 when “Crack the Skye” was released. The album has 15 songs and is almost an hour long.

The album came out to rave reviews from places like CraveOnline.com who gave the album 10/10 and Thrash Hits who gave it a 7/7.

Mike Davis from BBC music said about the album that it "is sure to connect with anyone who’s previously rocked out to the band's wares just as easily as it will absolute beginners."

The general public made it popular also by making it the fifth best selling rock album currently on iTunes.

Although some of their song names are silly like “Octopus Has No Friends” and “Blastroid,” their music is very serious, like their song “All the heavy lifting” which features lyrics like “Just close your eyes. And pretend that everything’s fine” and their song “The Hunter” which has the lyrics “Free from it all, breathe in the darkest fall. We laugh and cry through a brother’s eye for now.”  Their two singles off the album are “Black Tongue” and “Curl of the Burl.”

Their music isn’t dirty at all so parents will appreciate it. The album is labeled under “clean” meaning that there aren’t any curse words or even suggestive themes, which is rare in today’s times when almost every album has a “Parental Advisory” sticker on it.

Mastodon will be coming to Washington D.C. on November 27 at the 9:30 Club.