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With five matches and five members of the wrestling team to show their skills, they look good for the 2008-2009 season.

On Saturday November 29, the wrestling team had five matches in one meet; competing against Loudon County, Warren County, Woodbridge, George Marshall, and Briar Woods high schools. “The team was pathetic, but it was only our first meet against double A and triple A schools,” David Ray stated after the meet.

Though the team was “pathetic” there were five members of the team who did exceptionally well. Senior David Ray walked out 5-0 with 3 pins and a tech fall (which is where you win by 15 points or more). Senior Jake Schwind was 4-1; though his one loss was very close, he also had three pins. Also senior Tim Hillegass was 3-2 losing only by two points for both matches; he also had two pins. Along with the very experienced wrestlers on the team, a first time wrestler senior Benson Ting got a pin along with freshman Alborz Alaedini.

The outlook for wrestling this year looks good.  Even though the competition is tough, the boys are working hard in order to beat the double A and triple A schools such as the ones they wrestled on Saturday. “Though we are only a single A school, we wrestle double A and triple A, because competition is tougher and it makes us better,” Coach Bryan Harris said in response to the meet. The team is starting out strong with young wrestlers and veteran wrestlers both competing well.


Girls and boys soccer start season off with a bang

Girls and boys soccer start season off with a bang

By Paul Darmstadter 

Both the girls and boys varsity soccer teams have started their seasons off undefeated and full of confidence.  Each team has played only three games; two games against Strasburg and Clarke County were postponed due to snow on the field, against Warren County, Madison County, and William Monroe.  Both teams are either leading or tied for the lead in the Bull Run District standings.

The boys team has shut out all their opponents and are leading the Bull Run District in scoring with 20 goals in three games.  Their leading goal scorer is Raheem Lawal, with six goals.  The team defeated Warren County 4-0, and mercy ruled Madison County and William Monroe 8-0 at home. 

“I am happy with the way we started the started the season,” said Kavon Nowroozi, junior.  “I think we have overwhelmed all our opponents with our dominating possession and quick counterattacks.  We are good defensively because we put constant pressure on the other team, causing them to make mistakes and we have a very clinical attack.”

The team hopes to break the school records for most shutouts in a season (18) and most goals in a season (104) as well and win another...


The Lasso Spring Sports Previews: Coaches

 The Lasso Spring Sports Previews: Coaches The Lasso gives you everything you need to know about spring sports at Mason in 2014. Learn about the 5 new coaches that will be working with the Spring teams here. Be sure to come back often to keep updated on the progress of the different teams for the rest of the season. Related Article: The Lasso Spring Sports Previews Read more...

The Lasso Spring Sports Previews

The Lasso Spring Sports Previews

By: Lasso Sports


It might not feel like spring yet, but at George Mason, spring sports are underway! Our sports section previews all nine varsity spring sports and makes some bold predictions about the outcome. Who will bring home a District trophy this year? Click on a team photo to find out!

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The impact of a marathon

The impact of a marathon


An avid runner from the 6th grade, Jeff Buck now joins GMHS as the newest distance track coach


By Blaise Sevier 


Around the age of 12, and just before his parent’s first marathon Jeff Buck, George Mason’s newest distant track coach, realized one of his lifetime passions... running.

“Before training for the marathon [my parents] had never really been into running and I thought to myself, ‘wow, that must have took them lots of determination and courage to do that.’ That's when I joined my middle school track team and took up running.”

The hard work his parents put into the 26.2 miles of the Vermont marathon is what Buck credits his interest of running to.

“I've been running competitively since 6th grade, that's when I ran my first 5k and was basically hooked ever since.”

In fact he was so hooked that soccer tennis and rugby fell to the wayside as running seemed to take over his afternoons. This determination led him to run competitively in high school and then in college at East Stroudsburg University where coincidentally competed against Julie Bravin, George Mason’s Assistant Athletic Director and French teacher.  

"Coach Bravin helped to lead me to coach at Mason. &nb...



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