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Tangled up in ‘Tangled’

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Disney released a fun, animated take on classic bedtime story Rapunzel last month called “Tangled.” The movie features the voices of Zachary Levi (Flynn Ryder) and well-known pop singer Mandy Moore (Rapunzel).

It starts off with the story of a young girl with beautiful, long, blonde hair who was captured from her original home in the kingdom when she was just a baby.  Now she is all grown up and lives in a tall tower with the evil woman who captured her, Mother Ethel.

The unknown princess, Rapunzel, spends her whole life in the tower dreaming of what might be outside.  On her eighteenth birthday, she wishes to leave the tower and explore the world around her. Only one problem: there’s no way Mother Ethel will let Rapunzel out in public with such valuable hair that keeps her looking young forever.

When Mother Ethel is out shopping, Rapunzel finds herself face to face with a handsome bandit named Flynn Ryder, who stumbles into her isolated tower while running away from angry townspeople.  Rapunzel and Flynn finally escape from the tower and that’s when the adventure begins.

It’s in theatres now in both regular and 3-D, though I suggest it in 3-D because the effects are amazingly enchanting in this movie. The characters were really great too, mostly the animal ones.  The hilarious horse, Pegasus, which belongs to the kingdom guard, had laugh out loud expressions and actions that really made the character come to life.

Rolling Stone gives it three stars, I give it four, but I just may be a sucker for animated Disney-Pixar movies.  In all honesty, it’s probably the cutest and most enjoyable animated movie I’ve ever seen. Even though it beat the mind-blowing “Harry
Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part One,” which I’m still resentful about, I would definitely go see it a second time.