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Second semester senior slump is non existent

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Whoever told you the second semester of your senior year is easy was the biggest liar ever. Last year, that is all I ever heard from upperclassmen, "Second semester senior! I don't have to do anything!"

Why am I still swamped with essays and projects in every single one of my classes?

This is the quarter where I shouldn't have to spend every last second of my study hall finishing homework. This is the time where I should be able to go home and nap.

Instead, I am oppressed by all of my homework, still forced to work long nights finishing unnecessary school work. Not to mention, long IB exams are not much fun especially when they have a side of math homework to go along with them. Sleepless nights are more common than ever now-a-days.

I don't understand why teachers can't give the seniors a break. We've been in school for practically our whole lives. Homework has been thrown down our throats since we were five years old. We have endured countless nights cramming. We deserve a last quarter break.

I'm not saying for teachers to stop teaching, but show some sympathy for all of the pain you have caused us and give us less work.

Teachers, you should be sick and tired of your senior students complaining about all of this ridiculous work you give us everyday. Why not solve this stickler by refraining from handing us that extra project, homework assignment, essay or worksheet? You don't really want to grade them anyway. Do us both a favor, save them for next year's seniors.