Challenge Day morphs Mason’s juniors

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challenge day collage

The experience of a lifetime finally rolled around as the class of 2013 embraced Challenge Day. There are many rumors and speculation about what goes on at Challenge Day leading up until the day of, and hyped-up expectations made about what it’s going to be like. But none of those things could describe the experience without living through it yourself.

“It was well worth it. Spending some time with people that you don’t regularly hang out with helped me know my class better” said junior Christina Holman about her experience, which was a common feeling from the group that participated.

“I loved getting to know my classmates for who they really are, and not by rumors that were said about them,” agreed classmate Annie Malm.

Challenge Day is an opportunity that should be experienced by all who have the chance, because there are so many lessons that participants learn and morals re-taught about things that we’re all guilty of doing. The day is filled with eye-opening activities, fun and unusual games, along with other bonding exercises that bring you close to classmates that become friends for life.

The number of juniors that participated this year paled in comparison to years past, so the feeling was only spread across half of the class. Hopefully next year’s class and beyond will have more participants so they can all enjoy the experience and feelings together as a class.

Juniors’ Reflections

“It was quite sobering to see people that you thought were so invincible talk about their own personal struggles and imperfections.” –Nora Baker


“It was great to find out that people you have been in school with for the past 11 years are a lot more like you than you ever thought was imaginable.” –Taylor Briese


“It was an eye-opening experience. I saw sides of people I never thought I would see. The only thing I felt in the room by the end of the day was love and compassion.” –Daria Butler


“I didn’t really know what to think about Challenge Day. I was afraid to cry too much or not to cry at all. But the actual experience was something I’ll never forget. I cried with people who understood my pain. I realized that I’m not the only person going through this. The person I thought had a perfect life was actually hurting on the inside. I’ll definitely talk to people who I normally wouldn’t talk to now but I know they could be feeling the same way as me. Spreading love, happiness, smiles, unicorns and rainbows is what I wanna [sic] do.” –Shobha Negi


“Challenge Day was an unforgettable experience and I’m incredibly grateful that I participated in it.” –Kevin Schmidt