No vegetables in ‘healthy’ school lunch

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No-veggies-editedWe had chicken sandwiches for lunch today (October 11, 2011), and yet again there were no vegetables in the little trays above the drinks. As a result of this, many other students tried to go over to the salad bar to add some nutritional value to their meal. They were stopped by the lunch ladies and told you can’t put any lettuce on your sandwich, without buying another lunch.

So we go to a school that prides itself on “healthy” lunches.  Last spring, Falls Church City Public Schools’ “Access to Healthy Meals” program was recognized nationally as a 2011 Magna Award winner by the National School Boards Association, but we can’t add vegetables to our sandwiches (or anything else) without an additional lunch charge, when the tray of one piece of lettuce isn’t available to us? Don’t you think that’s a little strange?

Mr. Kane our Food Service Coordinator, explains, “If you see that there isn’t any lettuce or fruit, etc, then all you have to do is ask the lunch ladies. If we have any more, normally we have tray cooling in the fridge so all you need to do is ask. And if we’re out, then yes, you’re allowed to ask to go to the salad bar. We just don’t like to openly allow this, because you might be honest but some other kids are not and we don’t want them going over there and filling up a whole other tray without paying for it.”

So there you have it from Mr. Kane himself, all you have to do is ask the lunch ladies if they have any more of anything they’re missing at lunch, whether it be fruit or vegetables. Remember, a healthy choice or addition to lunch is only a simple question away.